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Hello there!

So you are thinking about contributing to IsPSD.Com?, Well I might have an opportunity for you.

As you probably noticed, IsPSD.Com get’s a high volume of visitors daily and this is due to wide range on topics available to my loyal readers. I would like to keep this trend and I do choose very carefully the posts I allow on the blog.

If you have a creative mind and would like to get noticed, you can take a look at the category posts offered and hit me up once you have something suitable.

Guidelines For Contribution

  • Minimum 700 Words or 1500 characters.
  • Please do not offer copied contents or poorly curated posts.
  • All posts must be accompanied with at least two pictures.
  • Please proof read your posts before sending it over, I get too many requests and simply do not have time to go over editing grammatical errors.

I am not asking for much as you can see, I simply want you to put an effort into your post.

Benefits Of Contribution To ISPSD

  • You get the massive exposure that is over 80k unique views monthly.
  • Your post will be syndicated across my social accounts and RSS subscribers.
  • And you get a powerful link back to your site from a google trusted site.
  • And some hidden special perks you get from working with me  🙂

Duties Of Contributor

  • You must promote your post among your social circles.
  • You should endeavour to visit the post as often as time allows you.
  • It is strongly required of you to respond to comments on your post. Build a following and social trust.
  • And finally, please do not reproduce any content you have published on the website elsewhere.

I think that covers it really, hit me up using the form below and I will respond as soon as time permits.

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Send an email at responsek@gmail.com