20+ Windows 8 HD Wallpapers

Windows 8 ,the latest version of windows OS shows much promise. This new version has much better performance and funtionality than windows 7, either it is boot speed or high security. The modern interface is a big deal too, as it performs well on a tablet and also a PC.

Windows fans must have got hands on developer or pre-beta verison of windows 8 which was released mid-September 2011. The beta version is supposed to be released on late February 2012. So we can expect windows 8 around Fall 2012.

Windows Enthusiasts are always looking for official or unofficial wallpapers, here are some which might interest you. All of these are in HD resolutions so it wont look stretched or tiled on your HD screens.

Windows 8 HD Wallpapers

Windows 8 Ultimate


Windows 8 Metro

windows 8 HD wallpapers

Windows 8 wallpaper

windows HD wallpapers

Windows 8 bit

windows-8 wallpapers

Windows 8 new generation

windows-8 HD

Windows 8 official

windows-8 official HD wallpaper

Windows 8 clouds

clouds HD

Woody 8 Variation 2

windows 8 HD wallpapers

Windows 8 concept

windows-8 HD wallpapers

Genuine Windows 8

Windows 8 HD wallpapers

Windows 8 wallpaper

windows_8 HD wallpaper

PRESTIGE 8. Wallpaper


Beta Windows 8

Beta Windows 8 wallpaper

Windows 8 beta

Windows 8 professional

Windows 8 professional

Windows 8 Blue Wallpaper

windows-8 HD wallpapers

Windows 8 Couch

windows-8 3d

Windows 8 Black

windows-8 Black

New win 8-user

Windows 8 V1


Windows 8 Dream Bliss

Windows 8 Dream Bliss

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