Why SEO Should Be Child’s Play ?

seo childs play

I was watching my daughter play this morning and it struck me that she learns new things in an exciting and fun way which I would love to copy in my job. SEO is too often seen as a boring, grown up sort of work so why shouldn’t we try to inject a bit more pleasure into it in the following ways?

Feel No Fear

Children simply don’t know what fear is until they reach a certain age. At some point they then learn from a bad experience or simply accept what other people tell-them could happen if they do something dangerous. If you think about it, working with fear of failure, fear of embarrassment or any other type of fear is something which will only end up making you feel inhibited and possibly even unwell. I would suggest thinking, “What is the worst that could happen?” before plunging in and doing something which you might never had had the courage to do before.

Try New Things

When my little girl sees a new toy, an unfamiliar piece of furniture or a fresh bit of dirt on the floor she will go zooming straight over to investigate it. The problem with working in a grown up job like SEO is that we can get too comfortable doing the same old things and forget to use our curiosity. Actually, those of us who work in SEO are extremely lucky that we are in an industry in which things change constantly. Millions of people work in jobs which stay exactly the same year after year, with the odd change of desk or new colleague being the only bit of excitement. SEO is a type of work which gives us the possibility of learning new things and trying new techniques all of the time.

Use Your Imagination

Ok, so it’s time to admit that I used to work in a bank. How much imagination could I use in that line of work? Not a lot of course. Now I can add a spark of creativity any time I feel the energy to do so. No one can use their imagination fully every single day but it is a great feeling when you wake up in the morning and feel a bit of inspiration running through your veins. I would certainly find it just about impossible to go back to work in something which didn’t let me add anything of my own imagination to it.

Enjoy It

My daughter has lots of fun no matter whether she is a watching a DVD of her favourite singing dinosaur, playing with a doll or lifting up handfuls of dirt in the garden. In fact, the only time she gets upset is when we try to get her to do something such as eat, get dressed or sleep. Wouldn’t life be great if we could all approach life in this way? The huge advantage which I think an SEO career offers is that few of us have just fallen into it. I fell into my job at the bank and then tried hard for a number of years to fall back out of it again. However, I think that most of us make a conscious decision to work in SEO. In some cases – like mine – it could be the chance to work from home which makes it seem so appealing. I guess we all have our different reasons for working in this industry and the most important thing is that we enjoy doing it. If you can do this then you will find that it is a rewarding and hugely enjoyable type of career.

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