Using SEO Software to Improve Your Results

The hundreds of SEO software programs on offer today have all taken the basic concept of search engine optimization and automated it completely. The powerful information that is necessary for SEO is out there for anyone to use, but it is time and labor intensive and automating this function allows any one who runs a site to use it to their best advantage.

Any SEO software program should offer to automate the following services for you:

  •  Include a module for keyword research. This is a basic service, since this kind of research can also be done on the engines themselves, for free, and are easy enough to generate, so no one would buy software to do it. But it is necessary to be part of a software package, since it all starts with the keywords.
  •  Identify specific SEO issues for the site and advice recommendations. Identifying the keywords is a first step, and the next step is placing and using them properly.
  •  Easy and quick tracking of search engine rankings on all the major engines. This is the real meat of SEO, because you cannot improve your rankings if you don’t know what they are. Good tracking lets you tweak your site for constant improvements and exposure.
  • Monitor any changes in rankings and report immediately. Site managers may often be running the business and can easily let negative changes fall through the cracks. Being advised immediately so you can do something about it is critical.
  •  Analysis of performance metrics. Sometimes the numbers that are listed on search engines can be totally meaningless, and a good program will analyze the impact.
  •  Analysis of links and recommendations for effective link building. If you are using links, it is important to know which ones are working, since you will actually be penalized by the engines if you have too many.
  •  Automatically track advertising channels and analyze which content is leading to advertising revenue. This is doable on the search engines themselves, but the automation of this function makes it easy to control.
  •  Identification of direct competitors of the website. The first step in analyzing them.
  •  Analyze competitors’ keywords, ranking and link building strategy. In order to compete, you need to know exactly what your competitor is doing.
  •  Supply easy to generate and read reports for web masters to act on. This is another area where the information is free to the webmaster, but requires a special talent for interpretation.  A good software program will consolidate all of the above information and incorporate it into a reporting format that is easy to use.

SEO software programs range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. As with most products of this nature, the less you know about the subject, the more you will have to spend to get the most out of them.

If you still aren’t sure about using or purchasing SEO software then you might want to consider hiring an SEO expert. As with hiring anyone, you should always remember to do a background check. This resource will help you find all of the background check tools you need.

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