Gold Gradients GRD – The Ultimate Gold Gradient Photoshop Compilation For Your Next Project

Gold Gradient Photoshop Compilation

The internet is filled up of thousands of resources containing different kinds of Photoshop Gold Gradient. In this article we have endeavored to provide you with some of the best (and most exhaustive) compilation of Gold Gradient files, ready to download.

Just so that you know, I have categorized these into free and paid ( just in case that helps you sifting through the designs easily)

Lets just start with a free one ( and a good one to be free 🙂 )

Free Gold Gradient

Download this really cool free gold gradient

Gold Gradient Photoshop


Another Cool Gold Gradient Background for Free

We have this uber cool PNG Gold Gradient Background for free – Download . Thank me later 🙂



OK, The Free Party Continues

Gold Gradient Free Vector

Click this link to download the below free Gold Gradient Vector



One Last Free Gift 🙂




Enough of Nice Jokes, Is there any more ?

Yes, you asked for it, we got it ! This is the parting gift where we bring an awefully amazing collection of 118 photoshop gold gradient pieces all in one file.

Download here, and enjoy (Yes, we did mention 118 free gradients! )

Parting Gift:

Gold Gradient Illustrator is the illustrator version of Gold Gradient


Bye Bye:

While we’ve had our fair share of fun with this post, it is important to note that I have tried to summarize and bring together some of the top most gold gradient styles, including gold gradient photoshop styles, gold gradient backgrounds and more.

I understand that our list may still be incomplete, and will be extremely happy to hear from your in our comments section 🙂


Gold Gradients GRD
This collection of gold gradients will be very useful to give depth to ornaments or any design works. So make sure to download this free .grd file as it is completely free. also check this similar post on Photoshop Gold Styles.

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