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Here we are taking a look at an online font generator and a convertor . Fontstruct is the font creator tool which lets you create fonts online very easily and it later lets you download them. The other one (Online Font Creator) lets you convert tff or OTF files to swf.

Got access to this site by creating an account. Making custom fonts wont get any easier than this. Draw tool lets you draw the structure and later you can edit them using any type of bricks to match your needs. There are lots of bricks to choose from. In order to create complete font list start with letter A by clicking it below the page then design A, then B , C respectively. You will get the idea once you have started using this font creator. Download the final product as ttf which is free to use anywhere. There is a gallery section which will let you download fonts for free created by other FontStruct members.

Online Font Creator
Online Font Creator is a super handy online application which enables to quickly convert *.ttf and *.otf files to *.swf practically in one click. All you need to do is to choose necessary font file with *.ttf or *.otf extension, add it to the Online Font Creator, click “Create fonts” and in a moment download the ready *.swf file you will then add to your FlashMoto website. This application really facilitates the work with fonts. No installations or Flash software required. It’s like Google for font converters – enter your *.ttf request and get relevant *.swf result immediately.
You can embed converted font files into the website powered by our FlashMoto CMS. Use intuitive Fonts Manager tool to add the font. Soon we will provide an informative tutorial on how to add a font to Flash website that is not controlled via FlashMoto.
Online Font Creator

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