Transfer files from One Dedicated Server to another

If you are trying to figure out how to move or transfer files from one dedicated server to another , then this tutorial is for you. But this tutorial only helps if both servers are windows based. Any windows servers will work like windows 2008 web edition , windows 2008 R2 standard etc.
I guess you have remote desktop access to both of your dedicated servers.

Step 1

Use remote desktop connection to login to one of your servers.
(Note:For simplicity login to server which has the data to be moved.)

Step 2

After logging in the server, Go to Start and select Remote Desktop connection.

Step 3

In Remote Desktop connection, Click on Local Resources Tab and select More. Now from drives select the drive where you want the files to be stored. Click ok and then connect. Enter the password and accept the certificates if asked while connecting to the server (


Step 4

Once you have successfully logged into the server ( go to My Computer. You can see an additional drive D in My Computer now.

Step 5

Open the drive named “D on NL_37081 ” in this example . Either copy the folder or file you want to move or just drag the files into any drive of server (

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