Top 10 WordPress Shopping Themes

Awesome and perfect shopping wordpress themes are available for persons with extensive functionality to create websites in a professional way. Unique and successful ecommerce websites can be created without any troubles when they pick the right themes available with needed functionality and options. The following wordpress shopping themes will be helpful for bloggers to grow in a professional way.


It is a popular and ready theme available for developing shopping websites in a easy manner and setting online stores will be very easy with it. Visual composer plugin is available with this theme will help to build advanced layouts for their posts to gain attraction from the customers. Changing the look of ecommerce website is very easy and they can gain reliable customer support by using this impressive theme.

Mr. Tailor:

It is a best shopping theme that allows bloggers to create websites in a quick time without any issues. Best solution can be obtained by persons in creating website when they use premium plugins. Sticky header and parallax effects can be given to website when they use this excellent website. All-in-one design solution can be obtained by persons with the use of specific theme available in it.

The retailer:

It is a fully responsive theme available with several features and creation of shopping websites will be very easier. Custom ecommerce features such as catalog mode, user accounts and others can be achieved with the use of this effective theme. Store management and reports can be maintained easily with this optimized theme.


It is a simple and neat ecommerce theme available with several header options and individuals can set up header with background based on their needs. Classic blog layout will be catchy and other awesome blog options can be used based on their desires.


It is a robust ecommerce wordpress theme which provides best feature to the users. it is a powerful page builder and with this one they can create any type of page they want  without having any complications. Two skins are available in this package to create websites website using this theme easier. This is a strong and flexible theme to support users.


It is useful and wonderful theme which is compatible with almost all plugin without any issues. Several useful buttons are available to edit the text simple.


It is a beautiful ecommerce theme available with more than 60 custom backgrounds and dozens of other customization options. It is a popular wordpress store theme to create online store for any industry or business easier.

Bazaar shop:

It is a theme available with friendly coding and designer can create websites with special attention with best options available in it.


It is a theme that comes with beautiful looking skins and it is mainly created by keeping specific ecommerce niche. It is a perfect theme for creating kids and electronic websites in a good manner.


Brightly coloured skins are available in it and powered UI elements and much more options are available in this theme to attract customers.

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