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Going From Hobby to Career With Photography

Perhaps you truly enjoy photography as a hobby, and shoot anything from birds, to landscapes to babies. Considering your passion for photography, perhaps some friends may have asked you to take their wedding photos and be their personal wedding photographer, or perhaps you may even decide down the line that becoming a wedding photographer – or any other type of professional photographer – is the career path you will choose. The more often you partake in this hobby, the better you’ll be getting at it, and the more savvy you’ll become when it comes to choosing cameras and other photography equipment. In this article we chat with Mark, founder, owner and lead photographer of wedding photography studio in Toronto, Quarum Studios for some tips on selecting the perfect cameras to shoot wedding pictures.

Asking the Pros For Guidance in Choosing the Perfect Cameras For Wedding Photos

You don’t necessarily need a great deal of equipment when shooting a wedding. Many professional wedding photographers will tell you that you’ll mainly need a DSLR camera, with a good, dependable flash, and a tripod. If you are shooting in a wedding photography studio, you’ll obviously have a lot more equipment to work with, such as lights, backdrops, and other props, as shown in the galleries at Mark, founder of Quarum Studios, suggests using the type of cameras that he and his team use, which includes the following: For photos:

  • Nikon D700
  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon N3X

For video:

  • canon XH A1Canon Mark 2 5D

Mark and his team at his wedding photography studio in Toronto have been in the business for years, and as such, they truly know what it takes to creates fabulous photos. To see how well these particular cameras work at taking gorgeous shots, have a look at some of the amazing photo galleries at that were taken either outdoors or in a controlled wedding photography studio.

Be On your Way to a Profession in Photography

If you absolutely love photography, and shooting weddings in particular, why not be the lead photographer at a friend’s wedding? You’ll gain some valuable experience, and will expose yourself to others who may potentially need a wedding photographer in the near future. By gaining some experience and getting your hands on all the proper equipment necessary to take gorgeous wedding photos, such as those found at, you can be on your way to a great career – whether full time or part-time – in the world of photography!

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