Top Android Communication Apps

Top Android Communication Apps
The quality of communication that you can enjoy with your Android device does not depend on the features of your smartphone or tablet alone. It also depends on which applications you have installed in your mobile device.

If you are a fan of PTT or push-to-talk technology, you would definitely appreciate having installed in your phone. This app makes your device work like a walkie-talkie. It also enables your device to send and receive PTT voice notes. Even better, the other party does not need to have installed in order to receive your voice note. Last but not the least, this application is free to download!


Do you need to shoot another person a quick SMS while you are out of the country? That could cost you an arm and a leg depending on your mobile carrier but not if you have your SMS go through DeskSMS instead. This application enables you to send text messages with the use of your GTalk or Gmail account. It is free to use for a trial period but afterwards you need to pay an annual fee for licensed use.

This application is also available for desktop use. You just need to send your SMS using the Google Chrome browser.

Bluetooth File Transfer

File transfer becomes quick and easy when you and other parties have this application installed in your respective mobile devices. To use the application, you need to make sure that both your devices have your Bluetooth enabled and with the settings properly configured. Afterwards, you can access all folders in your SD card. Numerous options are also offered for finding the files you need. You can specify the file format you are looking for or you can use other filters like file size as well as date range.

eBuddy Messenger

If you are the type to have multiple instant messenger accounts and you are busy on all of them, then you would definitely have an easier time managing your IM conversations with this application installed in your device.

To use the application, you need to register an account with eBuddy first. Afterwards, you can start synching your IM accounts. At present, IM platforms that this application can handle include Facebook, ICQ, GTalk, and Yahoo Messenger. This application is free to download and use as well.

TiKL – Touch to Talk

For additional applications to transform your device into a powerful walkie-talkie, you may also want to give TiKL – Touch to Talk a try. The only downside to using this free application is that the people you are talking to must have the application installed in their devices as well. If the other user is using a non-Android device, you would be able to communicate with him or her through TiKL by integrating the person’s Facebook account with his or her details in your contact book.

Just be reminded that majority of the applications listed here require online access. If you are not currently subscribed to high-speed Internet then now is a good time to do so. Of course, the Internet provider you want may not service your area so check availability online before calling to subscribe.

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