Top 9 Photoshop Plugins You Need For Any Website Design

Photoshop Plugins You Need For Any Website Design

It goes without explanation that Photoshop is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when it comes to putting together a web design layout.

I’ve scoured the ISPSD archives and other sites to put together my curated list of favourite plugins and tools that will help you get the most out of Photoshop when creating the visuals for your next website.

Elegant Metallic Logo Mockup PSD

Logo Mockup PSDLots of businesses are opting for a 3D Logo to draw the attention of potential customer. With this Photoshop Mock up file you can create a shiny 3D logo that exudes quality and gravitas in no time. This a great mockup for developing a logo that stands out.

Toggle Switches UI elements PSD

Toggle Switches UI elements PSDGive your websites user interface a real boost with these standout toggle switches. Perfect for Registration & My Account areas, or even HTML forms. With their metallic skeuomorphisms, they will really capture the attention of anyone browsing your site.

PSD email template in 3 colours

PSD email template in 3 colours

Email templates are always an extension of any website – whether it be for a regular newsletter or part of a registration process.

The design of email templates can often be overlooked is the presentation of emails and how it can reflect their brand. One of the ways in which companies are addressing this is through the use of stylized newsletter emails. Though the colour range may be limited these, Photoshop templates are very useful web design tools

Make your layout a real splash with this water effects tutorial

water effects tutorial

This is one of the more complex but awesome to behold uses of the advanced filters in Photoshop. The way these functions can be used to manipulate images of water is stunning, and worth taking the time of going through the tutorial. Web design is all about catching the people’s attention and this effect will make a splash on any project.

15 Seamless Pixel Patterns

15 Seamless Pixel Patterns

Sometimes the most effective way to make an image interesting can be found in the simple application of pixel art. These patterns can provide character and understated complexity to anything from stand-alone images to background images.

8 high quality Photoshop nature brushes

8 high quality Photoshop nature brushes

One of the best features that comes with Photoshop is the brush tool; a drawing implement that can be modified to create truly one of a kind visual effects. This brush features natural elements of leaves and foliage that will open up whole new possibilities to a designer’s use of colours and shapes. Use them to add a real-world element of depth to your new website.

24 glossy social media icons (PSD & PNG)

24 glossy social media icons

Thanks to social media these little icons are potentially some of the most effective elements on website. Each of these icons can link your website or blog to automated social media functionality. No venture into web design is complete without some meaningful effort towards making social media work in the design.

90 Hand drawn arrow and symbol Photoshop brushes

90 Hand drawn arrow and symbol Photoshop brushes

These hand drawn arrow and symbols are another interesting set of brushes that can be an asset to many types of web design project and have a wide variety of potential uses.  Use them when creating digital wireframes for a client, or add an illustration-like feel to your data-entry forms.

The Topaz Photoshop Plugin Collection

The Topaz Photoshop Plugin Collection

Topaz have a wide-ranging collection of plugins that are very useful for both professional photographers, web designers and excited novices as well. The most popular plugins include B&W Effects 2, that will help you apply amazing black and white filters on colour photographs. Another two are DeNoise & DeJPEG, both useful plugins to help makes design assets sharper by removing artefacts as a result of previous compression.

So, that’s your lot! What are your favourite Photoshop plugins that have helped take your website design to the next step?

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