Top 6 Productivity Apps for Android

Since Google launched the Android mobile operating system a few years ago, it has continued to go from strength to strength.

With user numbers making it the leading smartphone OS, the App Market developers have gone into overdrive to ensure that Android offers the best applications out there. This article will deal with 6 Android apps that will give a boost to your productivity

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Productivity Apps for Android


In this fast paced and changing world, power in now in found information. PressReader enables the user to read the daily edition exactly as it was printed, complete with ads, obituaries, comics, and all the rest.

PressReader delivers a visually stunning reading experience for the more than 1,800 newspapers and magazines from 94 countries available on You can easily and automatically download full digital replicas of your favorite publications and read them wholly on your Android device, often before they hit the newsstands. This app is definitely in a class of its own.

Ultimately, anyone with even a slight interest in the news should try PressReader. For new users, you can download seven current-day issues of any paper free of charge. After that, each issue will cost you 99 cents or you can pay  $29.95 per month for unlimited access.

Quick Office Pro

Today, an office suite has become a necessity ra5ther than a need. You can rarely be productive without having an office suite. In this day and age an office suite has become more of a need than a want. Of course you can sparingly mention the word productivity without thinking of document access and editing while on the go. An office suite is terribly helpful regardless of one’s line of work. Quick Office Pro lets users do all their word processing, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint and PDF viewing on their Android devices quickly, easily and efficiently. Users can work on their Android devices and do what they would normally do in Ms Office and Open Office.

This app costs $20.00 on the Android market.


Cam Card is an application which can capture business card images with your Android camera, recognize the card’s content, and automatically organize the recognized result as a contact which it then saves into your address book. Organizing business cards can sometimes be a painful task, especially when you have about 20 cards to manage every day.  Normally you will have to organize them in a business card holder, but then it becomes an arduous task to search a contact when you need it. Gratefully, this task becomes easier with this app. With this app you just have to place the card on a flat surface, take a picture from your Android device camera and the app will do the recognition and organization of the contents in your address book. Pretty easy, huh?

There is a free limited version. However, the unlimited premium version costs $20.00.

Spring Pad

It is on only human to be forgetful. Are you? I am. Surely then you would like to have all your day’s work,  meetings, schedules, personal assignments and everything else within the reach of your hand. Developed chiefly for note-taking, it also lets you write down your ideas, imaginations and thoughts which can later be retrieved. Apart from getting you to remember your tasks, it amazingly searches and gathers idea from the Internet to help you make decisions on your tasks. This app is also able to quickly synchronize all your images, recordings and notes to your Personal Computer and also to the Web which is awfully helpful. This wonderful app will help you remember and recall almost anything that happens in your life.

There is a free version but the more powerful premium version costs $3.00.


Jorte is a scheduler and to-do application whose design is quite beautiful accompanied with a user friendly interface. It’s a personal organizer application that was also designed to sync with Google Calendar. On its home screen there are widgets that easily allow you to view your calendar or a to-do list. Jorte has a scheduler function and you’ll customize its style as you opt. Calendars are displayed in a monthly or weekly view the display will rotate automatically in the event you turn your device sideways.

This fantastic app comes free of charge.

Voice Recorder

This is a simple but useful app that is very useful on capturing ideas, taking notes while on the move and recording songs, in interviews and conversations. The audio 66files, which are timed, can then be sent as an attachment to your Google Mail account. This app also makes it simple for you search for the audio records using various criteria such as date or title. This app works charm fully and has very good quality sound. Plus it can be used in very many circumstances such as recording your favorite music on radio or even class lectures.

Thankfully this app is a freeware.




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