Top 25 Amazing High Quality Free Magento Themes

Amazing High Quality Free Magento Themes

This list contains some high quality free magento themes that I found on the internet today. Go through the lists and pick your choice. Majority of these themes come with full support and some you might have to buy a premium support. I have started here with my favourite free magento theme of 2013


BlueScale2103 Free Magento Template


This template comes with this wonderful essential extensions;

  • Custom Magento Menu
    Our informative top menu for Magento. Displays all subcategories at once.
  • EM Quickshop
    Magento extension allows you to quickly view product details on the same page. We have applied BlueScale2103 style for EM Quickshop.
  • EasyTabs
    This small extension will help to add informational tabs on product page. We have applied BlueScale2103 style for EasyTabs Magento extensions.
  • Quick Feedback
    Quick Contact allow customers send the feedback to your site in easiest and fastest way. We have applied BlueScale2103 style for Quick Feedback Magento extensions.
  • AW blog
    The Blog extension provides your regular customers with up-to-date information.

Home page

There are 3 layouts for category on the home page available.

Partially responsive layout

Site width from 990px to 1200px.


5 backgrounds: Blue, Gray, White, Flowers, Neutral.

Compatible Browsers

IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera

What You Get

  • Template contains a set of necessary components for Magneto
  • The package includes some PSD sources
  • The package includes Sample data (Zipped Magento installation holding complete copy of the demo)
  • Step by Step installation guide

Magento Theme Features Overview

  • Clean design style
  • Custom Menu, EasyLightbox, Free Quick Contact, EasyTabs and AW_Blog Magento extensions integrated
  • Page templates: 2-col left, 2-col right, 3 col, 1 col
  • Bottom section with customer service info and company information

More info:   Demo:

Bluescale Magento Theme


More info  Demo:

Bluescale Magento Theme is a professional yet elegant looking Free Magento theme. This theme is perfect for online shops selling products related to kids.

Mobile Magento Theme


More info Demo

This is one of the most popular mobile Magento themes. It is completely free and offer multitude of options for users. It is considered as a perfect theme for websites selling mobile phones and gadgets.

Free POP Magento Theme


More infoDemo

Free POP is a simple and minimal magento theme which provides immense features and flexibility. Hundreds of Mobile, DVD and tech online shops are using this theme to sell their products online through magento.

Fitness Magento Theme


More info:  Demo:

This one is probably the best fitness magento theme available in the market for Free. The main feature of this theme is the usage of high-slide over product images. It has a category menu on the left hand side which provides a very clean and easy navigation for users.

Teal Magento Theme

More infoDemo:

Teal Theme is a highly customizable yet simple magento theme. Its home page design has a fresh and unique layout. Best of all, it is available for Free.

Hardwood Magento Theme

More info:  Demo:

Hardwood theme is ideal for use on magento websites selling nature oriented products. Niches like, furniture, interior & exterior décor and photography works a treat with this highly creative theme.

Grayscale Magento Theme

More info:  Demo:

It is a clean, minimal and sleek magento theme that provides a great attention to detail. This theme really shines because of its elegant design and eye-catching call to actions. This theme is highly suitable for electronics and jewelry stores.

Magento Classic Theme

More info: Demo:

It is a clean and elegant magento theme that is available for download for Free. This is CSS3 powered theme with 1-click color changer, and high customization options.

Sigyn SM Magento Theme

More info:  Demo:

This theme is a free magento theme with high quality graphics and feature rich functionality. This is released by Smashing Magazine. This theme has a very unique layout and design which gives uniqueness to magento online stores.

Magento Absolute Theme

More info: Demo:

Magento Absolute Theme is a 2-column theme that is available for Free. It has a welcome page that can have product and image sliders. This theme is very user as well as search engine friendly.

mHitech Magento Theme

More info:  Demo:

This theme is designed specifically for technology products including gadgets, mobiles and laptops. This is a simple yet attractive theme with multitude of features in it.

HelloWired Magento Theme

More infoDemo:

With this theme, you have a chance to level-up your online store. This is a responsive theme available for download for free. This theme offers multitude of features to the shop owner.

Mobile Shoppe – A Responsive Magento Theme

Mobile Shoppe
More infoDemo:

This elegant & responsive theme offers a very friendly navigation, looks great on tablets and smart phones. It is compatible with all the magento features. It is both a search engine and user friendly theme.

Magik Jewellery Magento Theme

More info:  Demo:

This theme is perfect to sell jewellery and related products to the world. This theme is highly optimized for search engines and loads up very fast for better user experience.

Magik Mobile Magento Theme

More info:  Demo:

Magik Mobile is a sleek & free magento theme that is a perfect choice for stores selling mobile phones, smart phones and other hand-held gadgets. This is a very customizable theme with a lot of options to play with.

Magik Akurum Magento Theme

More info:  Demo:

Magik Akurum is a perfect choice for magento websites selling stickers in variety of niches, including, toys, gadgets, cars, etc. This is a completely free theme with multitude of high quality features.

Magik Pinstyle Magento Theme

More infoDemo:

Magento Pinstyle is a Free Magento Theme which is very simple in use and elegant in looks. The layout is based on the layout of famous social networking site, Pinterest. You can list your products just like PINS to attract the potential customers.

Magik Roast Magento Theme

More infoDemo:

Magik Roast is a completely Free Theme for Magento Sites. It is ideal for online stores selling office furniture, or similar products online. Its huge slider makes it easy to convey your message and attract the attention of potential buyer.

Magik Spruce Magento Theme

More info:  Demo:

Magik Spruce is a Magento Theme available for Free. This is a perfect choice for websites selling jewelry specifically, rings, bracelets and ear-rings and other related products. This theme has a feature rich backend with a beautiful front layout.

Magik Gifts Magento Theme

More info:  Demo:

This is one of the best magento themes available online for Free. This theme is ideal for online shops looking to sell Christmas and other event`s gifts. It’s simple design ensures easy navigation and great user-experience.

mKadeerny Magento Theme

More info:  Demo:

mKadeerny is a classical e-commerce theme for magento CMS. It is available for free from Mage World. It is a very user and search engine friendly theme that provides ultimate user experience.

mMagezon Magento Theme

More infoDemo:

This is a very simple yet effective magento theme that works seamlessly with all versions and options of magento. It provides an excellent user experience with clean layout and simple navigation for users.

meBay Free Magento Theme

More infoDemo:

meBay has a clean and sleek look with a very user friendly structure. The theme loads up very quickly giving maximum SEO boost to the magento website. This theme gives your site a look like eBay. High levels of customization options make it a perfect choice for online shop owners around the globe.

Magik Clothes

More infoDemo:

Magik Clothes is a perfect solution for online boutiques and clothing stores. This theme makes selling a breeze online. Amazingly this theme is available for free download and anyone around the globe can download it and build a clothing store online.

Magik Caramel


More infoDemo:

Magik Caramel is a free theme for Magento websites. This theme is perfect for websites selling chocolates, cookies, cakes and other eatable items. This is a highly customizable theme with immense backend features to play with.

This is in no way a complete list, please add any free magento themes I have missed in the comment section. Thanks

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