Top 10 WordPress Web Hosting Themes

Have you decided to get the most outstanding quality of the WordPress web hosting theme?  You can keep concentrate on the following ten WordPress web hosting themes to choose the most suitable theme immediately.

  1. Alpha


Alpha is the most exceptional WordPress theme for web hosting. This has professional design and wonderful features to support users.  Lots of customization options are available in this web hosting theme. Thus, this theme has satisfied users increasingly.

  1. Cloud Server

Cloud Server

Cloud Server is a distinctive WordPress theme that supports users stand out from the crowd as awaited. This theme has the most exceptional stuff to integrate with lots of web services like Google Maps and Mail Chimp.

  1. Epsilon

Epsilon is the most impressive webhosting theme from WordPress.  Two different styles of layouts of this WordPress theme attract people who wish to get a unique hosting website. User-friendly features are available in this theme.

  1. Grid Host

Grid Host

Grid Host has lots of outstanding features like eight header designs, easy integration with WHMCS, aqua page builder, and four footer layouts.  People who wish to setup a website with trendy features can use this WordPress theme.

  1. Host Me

Host Me

It is time to prefer Host Me to increase the potential revenue of the webhosting company successfully. This WordPress theme comes with more than a few reliable tools to support users every time.  An example for high-quality tool is the domain availability checker.

  1. Hosting Square

Hosting Square

The ever increasing number of webmasters nowadays has a preference on the Hosting Square, WordPress theme for web hosting platform.  This theme has lots of features include, but not limited to custom widgets, automatic image resizing, 6-page templates, and different post types.

  1. Live Web

Live Web

The Live Web has lots of bright features like color scheme, icons, buttons, and overall design. Once people have preferred this web hosting theme to attract their target audiences, they can realize this desire without fail.  This theme has multiple page styles, user-friendliness of subscription from widgets, and built-in domain availability checker form.

  1. Mega Host

Mega HostMega Host is a successful WordPress theme. This theme integrates with WHMCS. This theme has lots of features like retina ready, quick support, full integration with WHMCS, light and dark color schemes, quick support, and Twitter bootstrap.

  1. Phenomenon


Phenomenon is the WordPress theme to support web hosting companies. This theme comes with lots of impressive elements like widget zed areas and menus. User-friendly features in this web hosting theme do not fail to satisfy every user.  Once people have chosen this WordPress theme, they can create an eye-catching website immediately. This theme has four extra widgets, three unique page templates, custom login and signup pages, and built-in options to get the most excellent control on the overall design.

  1.   Planet Hosting

Planet Hosting

Planet Hosting is an extraordinary web hosting theme that has the most wonderful features like powerful image resizing script, user-friendly widget, custom widgets, sidebars positions, and custom page templates.  This simplest theme gives the professional appearance to give satisfaction to users.

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