Top 10 Responsive WordPress Magazine Blog Themes

Responsive WordPress Magazine Blog Themes

This is one of those list of responsive WordPress magazine/blog themes article, the only difference is it is updated with 2013 latest themes. I found these new awesome themes in ThemeForest. I have also provided a demo for each theme I found in the article for easy reference. I hope this article will inspire you with its endless attractiveness.

Before pasting the themes I would like add few words about WordPress. As we all know WordPress is one of the best CMS solution provided in the Internet, you could even say the best in the Internet. Its growth is not because of its developers hard work or its super amazing admin panel or anything else, it became what it is now due to the themes and plugins made by third party contributors who have produced 1000s of remarkable themes and plugins to support WordPress and to inspire us. With out these amazing themes at least I would not have chosen WordPress over other competitors.

Lets look at the themes now.

Click on the title of the themes to see the preview.

  1. Algarida Responsive WordPress News And MagazineAlgarida-Responsive-Wordpress-News-And-Magazine-01

  2. Apart – Responsive WordPress ThemeApart-Responsive-Wordpress-Theme-02

  3. Centre Responsive Metro WordPress ThemeCentre-Responsive-Metro-WordPress-Theme-03

  4. Conzert – Responsive WordPress ThemeConzert-Responsive-WordPress-Theme-04

  5. Diario – Bold & Minimal Responsive WordPress ThemeDiario-Bold-Minimal-Responsive-WordPress-Theme-05

  6. FancyTheme – Multipurpose WordPress ThemeFancyTheme-Multipurpose-WordPress-Theme-06

  7. Journal – Responsive Readable WordPress Blog ThemeJournal-Responsive-Readable-WordPress-Blog-Theme-07

  8. Magzimize – Bold News & Magazine WordPress Theme Magzimize-Bold-News-Magazine-Wordpress-Theme-08

  9. Nerea WordPress Responsive ThemeNerea-WordPress-Responsive-Theme-09

  10. NewsTrick – Responsive WordPress Magazine – BlogNewsTrick-Responsive-WordPress-Magazine-Blog-10

Please feel free to leave your thoughts below as comments. It will help me improve me articles in the future.

I found these amazing themes here.

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