Top 10 real estate wordpress themes

The person who is doing a real estate business should have their wordpress website. This would help them to increase the efficiency of their business. A person who is building a website for their business should use the attractive themes. People who are in need of owning a new wordpress website for their real estate business can any of the themes listed below.

1. FlatRoom


The FlatRoom is one of the best wordpress themes available online at a very low cost. These themes provide the users with many benefits. They can add more contents by using the custom settings. This theme allows the users to display the price details and the rental details of the company.

2. Real Estate Theme

Real Estate Theme

This theme is useful for the real estate companies to show their works or products. The users can easily display the photos of the property and increase the profits by getting more clients. Mostclients like to seethe photos of theproperty in thereal setae website.

3. Estatement


The Estatement is the best custom theme for the real estate wordpress. This is flexible for managing the real estate properties. It is helpful for the users to display their properties and to communicate with valuable buyers.

4. Real Homes

Real Homes

The real homes are a premier word press themes for the real-estate based websites. It comes with lots of additional tools like advanced search and maps with property marker. The clients can easily find the location of the map through this theme.

5. WP Pro Real Estate 5

WP Pro Real Estate 5

This WP Pro Real Estate 5 is exclusively designed for showcasing the real estate properties. One can use this theme in their wordpress based website for real estate. The website owners can easily purchase this theme online.

6. RoyaleRoom


The theme RoyaleRoom is the best matched theme for the property based websites. This is one of the cheapest custom made themes that can sell the property by itself. A real estate broker who is using this theme can get many benefits.

7. Realia


The Realia is the real estate rental portal theme exclusively designed for wordpress. The users can change more than 20 colors by using this theme. They are available with some advanced plug-in of dsIDxpress.

8. Properta


The Properta is the best word press themes for the real estate websites. This provides the users with all the necessary options to build their real estate website within minutes. They are providing the users with many tools.

9. OpenEstate


Open Estate is the best suited real estate themes for the real estate companies and organizations. They are helpful for both the real estate companies and vacation rental companies to build their websites with wordpress. It is having some advanced tools to build a website with many pictures and descriptions.

10. CorporateX


This is one of the best realtor themes that can be used for creating websites of real estate companies and the vacation rental companies. The users can build their websites with their designs. They are providing the users with easy ways to create their websites with some attractive designs.

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