Top 10 black WordPress themes

WordPress is one of the huge popular blogging software on the internet platform. This platform has provided many more different themes for creating different purpose blogs and websites on the WordPress site. Most of the bloggers would like to set black color background or theme for their blogs or websites. This WordPress also provides many more black color themes which are following.

1. Cadenza


This cadenza is one of the best WordPress themes which will be effective on all the sites. It has many creative features for business and professional type websites or blogs. This theme is fully designed for HTML 5 valid websites with many more home page options.

2. Morphis


 This morphis WordPress theme is highly responsive theme for creating user interface or user friendly websites on the internet. It will adapt for all kinds of web browsers and mobile devices. This theme is a great kind of personal theme which is perfect for showing the portfolio on blogs or websites.

3. Euphoria


Euphoria is a unique WordPress theme with the universal functional kit. This universal kit with more functions will be suitable for all business and artistic portfolios. This kind of WordPress theme contains many modes for displaying a gallery and people’s portfolio on the website or blog. With the help of the features in this theme, the website owners can display portfolio items on separate pages.

4. Music PRO

Music PRO

This Music Pro is a unique WordPress theme which is especially for the music oriented sites. This theme is perfect for the label, a webzine and a band. This Music Pro theme is easy to use for all kinds of users and well documented on the internet. The users can have full customizable website or blog through this black theme.

5. Marisa


This theme is simple and black WordPress theme which is clean and clear for good looking sites. It is also one of the highly beautiful black themes which are mostly suitable for online magazines. With the great features of this theme, the magazine publishers can build a unique way of review online systems for their magazines.

6. Lofty


This Lofty theme is highly professional type WordPress theme for powerful business websites. This theme is an excellent option to show about the business and the business professionals. The business persons can easily and greatly promote their business products with the help of this theme on WordPress site.

7. Elevate


This elevate is a perfect WordPress theme for creating freelance professional sites and agency sites on the WordPress site. It will provide shine looking for promoting portfolios on the websites.

8. Black Aperture

Black Aperture

This Black Aperture theme is highly suitable for reviews and all in one news on the internet. This theme is also suitable for playing video games online.

9. Attracto


 Attracto is beautiful and highly responsive theme that has both dark and light styles of black color theme on WordPress. It is mostly adaptable for business sites.

10. Mustang


 It is a premium and ultimate style WordPress theme suitable for creative and portfolio sites and also for corporate or business sites.

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