Should A Tablet Computer (IPAD) Replace Your Laptop?

The tablet computers have become increasingly popular since the iPad was launched in the market. These have started replacing laptops and some people believe that notebooks have now become obsolete.

Tablet computers like the iPad have a number of advantages which is why they became such a huge success. However, they also have certain disadvantages as well. The benefits and drawbacks should be carefully considered in case you are thinking of replacing your laptop.

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The Advantages

  • The basic advantage of a tablet computer is considered to be its touch screen option. This makes it easier to navigate as compared to using a normal keyboard and mouse. This makes them more responsive and user-friendly.
  • There are some users who prefer to use a stylus or their finger for navigation. This is because it is more direct and pleasant rather than using a mouse or even a touchpad. This makes these tablets easier and faster to use.
  • The latest tablet computer models tend to have a longer battery life. This is a huge advantage as laptops and netbooks usually do not offer such battery support and recharging them constantly can sometimes be a hassle.
  • Tablet computers are smaller in size which makes them easier to carry around. The portability factor has made them attractive options for executives and other professionals in their daily use. In addition to this, they are typically light weight.
  • The earlier models were not very powerful in terms of their performance. But with new models coming in, this issue has been resolved. They offer higher speeds and better functionality than the earlier models did.

The Disadvantages

  • A smaller display makes tablet computers difficult to use in certain situations. They do not have a keyboard and the virtual keyboard tends to make typing slower. External inputs allow a keyboard to be attached but that is not always the best solution.
  • Risks of damage are higher when it comes to tablets. The screen, the hinges and other such components can easily get damaged with rough use. They are delicate and have to be handled carefully. Tablet computers are also expensive to repair.
  • The price that you would be paying for a tablet computer is often higher than that of a netbook or even a notebook. Some people also believe that their lifespan is lower than that of laptops which is another disadvantage.
  • Ergonomics have to be considered here as well. Because a tablet computer is quite small, there is no place to rest your wrist while using it. Also, you will need to move your arm constantly while using it. These factors contribute towards the major drawbacks of using these tablets.

The Decision

The decision to replace your laptop with a tablet computer will eventually depend on your own preferences. How you will use your tablet will also determine your choice. It has been seen however, that most people who buy tablet computers will also hold on to their regular PC or laptop as well.

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