18 Free Reddish Templates for Business Cards with PSD

A professional business card is the marketing medium which introduces you and your company to the clients. Graphic Designing has become easy with the help of amazing software’s like Photoshop, illustrator etc. We can keep making card designs in Photoshop until one of them end up the way we want. The background, logo, text are all important factors to keep in mind while designing a card.

Making a good card design for new and small businesses wont be much of a problem. If a card is being designed for an already established company, then we are actually trying to blend it with the logo of the company, which is the hard part. The below listed ones can be used for business which are new, but may not work for all. Card style should match the theme of the company and its services or products. So editing pre-made designs which are free will make them more attractive and distinct from others. This collection of eighteen PSD Business Cards with reddish and orange colored backgrounds might interest you. Take a look.

Red Cloud


Grunge Creative

Valentine Card






Redish Circle

Redish Circle

Web Design

Red Design

Red Grunge

Design Business

Media Print

Reddish Orange

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