30+ Free Rainbow Backgrounds & Textures

Free Rainbow Backgrounds
Textures & patterns help people who are looking to add creative designs to their projects. It will be so good to have textures in free versions as it will save so much time. Most designers like to get just credit of their work as an appreciation for their hardwork, so do credit them back if you happen to use any of these textures. Most of these are free for commercial uses like web designs, brochures, poster, flyers etc.

Rainbows are something that can be related to happiness, love, friendship, peace etc with 7 colors representing it. Thus using these rainbow textures can add freshness in your design.


Colored Texture

Rainbow Glitter Texture

Bokeh texture


stripe texture

Metallic rainbow texture

Texture 09

Texture 10

Color Me Rainbow

Cloud Texture

Texture 13

Multi-Colored Bokeh

Texture 15

Texture 16

Texture 17

Texture 18

Neon Rainbow Smoke

Texture 20

Glitter bokeh

Texture 22

6 different colorful textures

Messy Rainbow

Messy Rainbow 2

Floral rainbow

20 collection of Rainbows Source

Rainbow Seamless Pattern

18 Rainbow Themed Patterns

Velvet Rainbow

6 Rainbow Coloured Patterns

Chromatic Rainbow Patterns


FREE Pastel Rainbow Styles

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