New Changes For Facebook, Again

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The creative team over at Facebook has once again tweaked the utilization of an account’s views. Those who are new to Facebook, then this may not seem so impertinent.  For the veterans of this social media platform; they may have other feelings about the constant changes.

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Why is Facebook changing its spread?

Other social media platforms want on the money train and as a result it has created a “user-friendly” war among Facebook’s competitors.  Google+ is honing in trying to create a multi-purpose platform for users with live streaming video and chat.

How is Facebook remaining on top?

  • They are creating more applications designed for business, larger front page pictures, and best of all, Facebook for dummies.
  • For new users who may fall short of understanding how to plug in their business data or personal websites; this last application will be your new best friend.
  • It will guide you step-by-step on how HTML works when inserting a destination or hyper-link inside your page.
  • The essential presence of Facebook is to share or like; so now they have made this a larger area to impose a user to click.
  • The new timeline face is one that infuriates and attracts users as well.  On a business side; this allows more advertising applications and tools to create a viewer to explore deeper into the page.  From a personal user standpoint; the new timeline outlines their entire history on Facebook with more user friendly aspects than before.
  • With Facebook going public in the last year it has motivated them to remain in the front lines on the social media platform.
  • Anyone who uses Facebook solely for personal use most likely will not find any of the new changes discouraging or useful.   Although businesses are relying heavily on the many new changes that Facebook is introducing.  But beware of the new glitches that come with these apps too.
  • When a business extends an offer via email or on its front page and 50,000 users want the offer, they must be prepared for the mass attention as well as what they are offering.  For example; a small brand may offer “free” for a new product and 50,000 of their fans will receive the offer via email and want to cash in on the deal.  Then those 50,000 fans tell their friends and it doubles or triples, it the small brand company ready for this new feature?
  • With rewards there is always  risk involved, so as Facebook rallies to stay on top of the social media latter; they may also risk a higher failure rate.  Though it’s majority of users are utilizing the platform for sharing, many are only touching the business side of Facebook.

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