Improve reading with Spreeder

So what is spreeder? Spreeder is an online web application which makes reading faster. You can add your own text right here on this page and spreed it. It enables reading the text like a video. This is done to improve the speed of reading the words without re-reading them. The developers of this app also tell us to stop reading out load and re-reading again. There are some things to keep in mind while focussing on improving read speeds which are explained below.

Subvocalization And Regression

Most readers have a reading speed averaging 200 words per minute either its by reading a passage loud or just reading with inner voice. Speed reading can only be achieved by silencing subvocalization. You can notice that you read only as fast as you speak. Regression is another habit which involves re-reading the sentence again and again to grasp the information. This habit wastes much time for everyone and that includes me. If readers are able to break existing habits while reading, they can improve their reading fast. This application lets you read faster and thus avoiding re-reading, and at the same time understanding the meaning of the whole. This is also a good brain exercise.


You have full control of this web application. It allows you to control the no. of words which should be played in a minute and also the chunk size. Font, background and window resolution are also easily controllable. And dont try to read one word at 300 wpm, you wont understand a thing. Set words per minute to 300 wpm or higher, increase chunk size to 10-20 words, decrease font size to 50 or lower and last increase the width- height to allign the text properly without overlaying it all over the place. Now with time increase wpm and decrease chunk size to less than 10 and you can notice your reading speed is increasing without compromising on comprehension.


But reading is all about grasping the meaning of the sentence, isn’t it ? Who cares about reading fast or slow? May be someone benefits from this application like those who want to read all the books based on a specific topic in minimum amount of time. Reading fast straight in one siting will increase the grasping power of your brain eventually, so this app is worth a try. Some people claim that anyone can read fast, no that is false. Try reading more than 400 wpm and you will be left in the dust.

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