35 Impressive HTML5 Tutorials and Tips

HTML5 has paved its way in by introducing more features and capabilities where its ancestors lacked. New HTML5 is the latest version of HTMl & xHTML versions. Giving structure to a webpage is what HTML does in basic, while CSS , JS etc skins the whole page. HTML5 is also developed in such a way so that the developers need not waste their time and efforts in creating an error free web page.

HTML5 may not be fully furnished, still its the future markup language and many started building websites with this structure. Sooner or later HTML5 will become the core of a website, so better start learning and using it. Having a little edge over the competitors or just say other developers is what everyone does. So here in this article we have prepared a roundup of 35 Impressive HTML5 Tutorials, Tips which you can learn & get along with ease.

HTML5 Tutorials

Create a Grid Based Web Design in HTML5

Follow this step by step walkthrough of the making of a sleek website design for an eyewear brand in HTML5 and CSS3. We’ll build the HTML structure with the latest elements then style up the appearance of the site with CSS3 affects to match the original Photoshop concept with minimal use of background images.
HTML 5 tutorials : Grid website

Create a Typography Based Blog Layout in HTML5

Now let’s replicate the last post design in a static HTML5 and CSS3 prototype before finishing it all off as a fully working WordPress theme.
Blog Layout in HTML5 : Tutorials

Making a Beautiful HTML5 Portfolio

In today’s tutorial you will be making a beautiful HTML5 portfolio powered by jQuery and the Quicksand plugin. You can use it to showcase your latest work and it is fully customizable, so potentially you could expand it to do much more.
Making a Beautiful HTML5 Portfolio

Creating a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

This article and demo will walk through how to create an adaptive web experience that’s designed mobile-first.

Adobe: Using semantic HTML

This article is all about semantic HTML & it tells how to use the correct element or tag for the job.


WebGL 2D Translation

This article is a continuation of a series starting with WebGL Fundamentals. If you haven’t read it I suggest you read at least the first chapter then come back here. Translation is some fancy math name that basically means “to move” something. I suppose moving a sentence from English to Japanese fits as well but in this case we’re talking about moving geometry..


Getting started with the HTML5 track element

The track element provides a simple, standardized way to add subtitles, captions, screen reader descriptions and chapters to video and audio. Tracks can also be used for other kinds of timed metadata. Find out more


Toying With the HTML5 File System API

HTML5 provides us with a whole crop of new possibilities, such as drawing with canvas, implementing multimedia with the audio and video APIs, and so on. One of these tools, which is still relatively new, is the File System API. It gives us access to a sandboxed section of the user’s local file system, thus filling the gap between desktop and web applications even further! In today’s tutorial, we’ll go through the basics of this new and exciting API, exploring the most common filesystem tasks. Let’s get started!


Capturing Audio & Video in HTML5

This article discusses APIs that are not yet fully standardized and still in flux. Audio/Video capture has been the “Holy Grail” of web development for a long time. For many years we’ve had to rely on browser plugins (Flash or Silverlight) to get the job done. This tutorial introduces a new API, navigator.getUserMedia(), which allows web apps to access a user’s camera and microphone.


An Introduction to the HTML5 Gamepad API

As HTML games begin to gradually increase in popularity, vendors are starting to introduce some exciting new APIs to make gaming that little bit sweeter for both us developers and our end players. One of these is the GamepadAPI, which allows you to connect your good old console gamepad into your computer and use it for browser based games, plug and play style. Let’s dive in!


Understanding HTML5 and CSS3 for Web Design

Your average visitor may not notice them in the finished product, but to a web developer, those little bits of HTML and CSS code is all they have put together the final show. HTML5 and CSS3 gives a web developer even more tools with which to express himself, here is a basic overview of what they are so you can build cutting edge websites.


A Tale of An HTML5 Game with Web Audio

Fieldrunners is an award-winning tower-defense style game that was originally released for iPhone in 2008. Since then it has been ported to many other platforms. One of the most recent platforms was the Chrome browser in October 2011. One of the challenges of porting Fieldrunners to an HTML5 platform was how to play sound.


Building Technitone.com

Technitone.com is a fusion of WebGL, Canvas, Web Sockets, CSS3, Javascript, Flash, and the new Web Audio API in Chrome. This article will touch base on every aspect of production: the plan, the server, the sounds, the visuals, and some of the workflow we leverage to design for interactive.


An in Depth Analysis of HTML5 Multimedia and Accessibility

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how HTML5 helps to provide you with several ways of presenting your media content to users. As a result, you’ll increase the availability of your media to users with different needs and requirements, making it more accessible.


HTML5 Tutorial: How to Build a Single Product Page

In this article, we are going to work on a fictional project, creating a single product page to offer iPhone 4S, and in this project we are also going to implement the methods.


Tutorial: Create A Minimal Single Page Portfolio With HTML5/CSS3

In this tutorial will walk you through the basic front-end build and what resources I used to rapidly build the page.


HTML5 Drag and Drop Multiple File Uploader

This tutoorial is going to tell you about HTML5 file upload. Now, you can just drag and drop your images (multiple images) in order to start uploading. Plus, the script displays overall progress (in percentage, plus – files left) and server response (without actual uploading). This tutorial also displays progress at CANVAS element in realtime. And, at the last – our script can upload files not only into own server, but to another too (we can say, that this is cross-site uploader).


Retro shop – single page layout for your e-shop

This tutorial will prepare you to make interesting vintage template layout. It has friendly and warm colors.


Cocos2D HTML5 tutorial: Why it’s Hello World of course

In this tutorial you will implement the obligatory Hello World example using Cocos2D HTML, with a twist ( literally ).  This is going to look a great deal more complex than it actually is.  There is a certain amount of boilerplate code you need to get up and running, but it really isn’t all that difficult in the end.


Convert Your WordPress Theme to HTML5

After Google’s Panda Update, your site needs clearer and more human-readable code to rank better on Google. This tutorial is going to teach you how to convert your theme from XHTML to HTML5 (which Google loves).


 Developing HTML5 Canvas Games for Facebook with JavaScript – Part 1

This tutorial describes how to create a game using the HTML5 canvas element and JavaScript, and how to integrate it into Facebook.


Create an interactive bubble chart with HTML5 canvas

Josh Marinacci, software engineer, researcher, part-time designer, and general miscreant, explains how to use HTML5 canvas to build an interactive chart that works on desktop mobile and then populate it with real data.


Create HTML5 audio visualisations

Blurring the line between Flash and HTML, Nick Jonas gives you a jump-start into audio-driven animation that runs natively in the browser.


Toggle Fullscreen HTML5 Canvas and Other DOM Elements

Look at some recipes used to add a fullscreen feature to the HTML5 canvas tag in browsers.


Mobilizing Websites with Responsive Design and HTML5 Tutorial

A blog post series tutorial for adapting your existing websites for mobile devices without building a separate mobile site. It shows, with examples, how with little changes in your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code you can deliver much nicer user experience for small screen and mobile devices.


Full CSS3 HTML5 Contact Form with No Images

This tutorial shows a step by step guide on how to create a full HTML5 and CSS3 contact form without using any images. The purpose of tutorial is to show what you can do with this new technology, that’s why this form has some compatibility issues with old browsers.


Create Your Portfolio Gallery Using HTML5 Canvas

In this tutorial you will build a photo gallery and enhance it with HTML5 canvas and CSS3 transitions. The grayscale “copies” of the images are created with canvas and pure CSS3 is used for the smooth changes.


Build a Lightbox for a responsive HTML5 touch interface

Stephen Woods, front-end engineer at Flickr, explains how to create a simple Lightbox with gesture support and provides tips for improving the perceived as well as the actual performance of touch interfaces.


Create an HTML5 Canvas Tile Swapping Puzzle

In this tutorial you will be working with the HTML5 canvas and JavaScript to create a dynamic tile swapping game. The result will be a puzzle that works with any given image, and has flexible difficulty levels that are easily adjusted.


HTML5 Canvas Optimization: A Practical Example

If you’ve been doing JavaScript development long enough, you’ve most likely crashed your browser a few times. The problem usually turns out to be some JavaScript bug. This tutorial focuses on optimizing animations produced using JS and HTML5


Learn CreateJS by Building an HTML5 Pong Game

This tutorial is based on Carlos Yanez’s Create a Pong Game in HTML5 With EaselJS. The graphics and sound effects are all taken from Yanez’s tutorial.


How to Create an Audio Player in jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3

In this tutorial you will code an Audio Player from Impressionist UI by Vladimir Kudinov. You will code it with CSS3 for the styling and the “MediaElement.js” for the functionality. MediaElement.js is a HTML5 audio and video player that also works for older browsers using Flash and Silverlight to mimic the HTML5 MediaElement API.


Design a Foursquare-like User Profile Page in HTML5/CSS3

This will demonstrate you how to code a simple profile page similar to that of Foursquare. Their design is very simplistic with a 2-column layout split. You’ll be coding this page in HTML5 and CSS3, so you will surely be introduced to some of the newer techniques. Additionally you will find source code for free along with a live demo which you can check out below.


Create An Elegant Website With HTML 5

The aim is to create an elegant blog/portfolio for an efficient professional (graphic and web designer or photographer) with HTML5 & CSS3.
HTML5 Tutorials

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