How to use Joomla Loadposition Plugin ?

One of the simplest solutions to reuse a content in articles, is by using Joomla Loadposition Plugin. Best option is to use this module for signatures. There are other plugins like Jumi which does the same thing ,but Joomla Loadposition Plugin is default in Joomla installation and you are ready to start with it. This step by step instructions will guide you to use the infamous loadposition plugin on your site.

  • Go to Extensions – Module Manager – Add New module and select custom HTML as module type.

loadposition module

  • Choose a title and add postion. Adding position name is the important part, if you want to load this custom html module into any article. Choose a name that best suits the function of your snippet ,eg here “ispsd”.

joomla loadposition plugin

  • Later add the desired text in Custom output box and make sure the module is assigned to all menu pages. Save and close.

output module

  • You can now use your custom html to any article, either new or just to an old article. Just place {loadpostion ispsd} to any part of your content.

joomla loadposition plugin

  • Thats it, click save and navigate to the website page where you have inserted this new snippet.

loadposition module

Also a dumb video explaining what i did and how i inserted a custom html to a new article.
how to use joomla loadposition plugin

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