How Good Brochures Can Help Your Business

Good Brochures
The cornerstone to any business operation is reaching to potential customers. Without a strong clientele, companies can not make a sustainable profit. Small businesses are especially dependent upon repeat visits from persons who make purchases from their company. It is often said that 20 percent of all customers give businesses 80 percent of their business. One way a company can get noticed and attract more customers is with a high quality printed brochure.

What to Include

All brochures should include several items to make them successful. First, the name of the company needs to be visible on the front cover and what the company has to offer. Without the name of the business, potential customers do not know where to go to get the product. Also, there should be a contact telephone number to reach the company as well as a listing of regular business hours and address. While these things may seem basic, they are all essential items and vital components of a successful brochure.

Make it Stand Out!

Further details can be included to enhance the quality of the brochure. You should consider adding a variety of colors to make the brochure stand out and ensure you are using a high quality paper. Quality paper will conjure thoughts of dependability and trustworthiness in the business while thin paper with a cheap feel can reflect poorly on the business. Images can also be useful in showing potential clients what the company has to offer.

Cheap and Effective

What makes brochures effective is that they are often cheaper than other forms of advertisement. Television and radio spots, while highly effective, they are usually far too expensive for small businesses. Another important aspect of creating a brochure is that the advertisement is actually tangible. If a potential client gets a hold of a brochure and keeps it in their possession, the advertisement will remain with the customer and has the potential to be viewed multiple times by a number of different people.


One final aspect of creating a brochure is the distribution process. There are services available for door to door placement of brochures in areas that you would like to target. A cheaper alternative is to offer them at a kiosk or on the counter at the place of business. Getting the appropriate amount of distribution to targeted customers can play a large part in determining the future outcome of a small business.

Kyle is the Manager at one of the biggest Printing companies in Sydney, Australia. He believes brochures are a great form of adverting on a small budget. Away from work, Kyle enjoys spending time with his family and friends and keeping fit by cycling.

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