Hasselblad Launches 200 Megapixel H4D-200MS Camera

Hasselblad makes cameras that are in a league of their own. Their latest camera, the H4D-200MS takes things to a completely new level. For one, it’s a 200 megapixel camera as compared to most DSLRs that use 10 and 25 MP sensors. The H4D-200MS uses a 50 MP sensor that can capture six photos into one.

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Unlike other cameras that can let you stitch multiple images into a single panaromic image, this one has motors which shift the sensor and captures the images. The sensor on the camera is larger than most DSLRs and can capture images with a resolution of 6132 x 8176. The ISO sensitivity range of the sensor is between 50 and 800. A single RAW image file measures close to 600 MB. You’re likely to require a high-performance, high-capacity memory card as well. CompactFlash is supported but going by the size of each image, it would be advisable to use a hard drive, which is something this camera supports. The Hasselblad H4D-200MS doesn’t come cheap. It’s selling for $45,000 (approximately Rs. 20,00,000). Users of the existing H4D-50MS can upgrade to the H4D-200MS by paying a difference of $10,000.

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