Google PageRank is NOT Dead | Disabled

google pagerank disabled

Google Pagerank is a metric to mesaure a websites authority.Like say if many websites try to rank for a keyword google will take sites with high PR into main consideration next along with other metric. Page rank now updates only after a few months .Last roll out was on 27 july 2011.

Google PR dropped to zero ?

Google just updated the URL which addons used to query it.

Majority of people seems very happy due to Google page rank disappearance and some of them claimed its dead forever.Even though ispsd  has PR of Zero,its very important metric for me to make articles.

Are there any working addons now ?

I tried many addons which displays pagerank, before i knew about this change and none worked.There is a solution which you can try.


How to Make it work by yourself in Firefox ?

Install SeoQuake SEO extension 2.7.7

Seoquake is a Firefox SEO extension aimed primarily at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and internet promotion. Seoquake allows to investigate many important SEO parameters.

pagerank dead

Go to Tools – SeoQuake – Preferences
Choose Google Pagerank then click edit button .Remove the parameters in the dialog bog and add the parameters mentioned below.

[NAME]=Google pagerank

Click OK . Then clear Firefox cache & Restart ,pagerank will display fine now.

To all the peeps saying that PR is showing as 0 – Mine works fine on Firefox 4.01 but my custom built PHP PR checker does not.


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