Google: Behind the Numbers

Google is considered the largest search engine in the world. They also receive one of the highest revenues in the world, over $29.3 billion. The following graphic goes into detail on how Google is able to earn such a large amount of money.

This graphic shows Google’s revenue in 2010 compared to the poorest countries in the world. The data includes how cell phones play a role in Google’s revenue, the keyword searches that provide the ads earning the most revenues, and how many people use Google. With the high numbers of people visiting their site, Google is easily able to gain billions of unique visitors each month. The revenue is mostly from ads, including those for shady products and services and from other countries.

Google consumes millions of watts of energy continuously to run their data centers. The numbers show the growing rates and give several bits of data to put it all in perspective via insightful and surprising comparisons.

From: Business MBA

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