How to get Facebook Likes for your Favorite Page ?


[/dropcap] First of all i’m not talking about getting likes to Facebook fan page or Facebook posts. This article is all about getting likes to your website page or post. I’m not sure if this method works to get likes for Facebook fan page, didn’t test it yet. Everyone would like to have their page or post to get maximum likes possible. Social media is also an important factor in ranking a website in organic results as many SEO experts thinks so. The page you share might lead to little website traffic, through friends and friends of friends. Since most people think getting Facebook likes as a success factor, this method might interest some people for sure.

I’m not talking about any SEO method here nor am I talking about getting likes by messaging a post to all of your friends or even request them to share or like the page.

  • No software whatsoever is required.

Here’s how its done
When someone likes a post or page, the content shows up in his or her profile page as its been shared by them. If we share our page or post on our friends profile page it will be considered as a like. Yeah that is the answer of getting likes to page. Share your page on several of your friends profile page. Facebook will consider it as a like by your friends even though you posted it on their wall and it will soon show up on your facebook snippet used on the website page.

1. Here’s first thing you do- Post your website page on your friends profile page or wall.
facebook likes
2. Refresh your website page and see the result. Yo ! i didn’t do it for the below page if you are thinking about that.
web design competitors


  • From SEO perspective, the more social signals that lead to a page the better the ranking according to Google panda.
  • Your post looks good with likes and may inspire other visitors into liking or sharing it.


  • Friends may get really angry and think you are spamming daily.
  • And….May be waste of time.

Is it really Useful ?
Don’t Know. May be you should give it a try and see if it works for you. How do i actually know if its useful and check? Google Analytics. You must add analytics code to your website header if you havent done it already.
Sign in to Google Analytics. Check Traffic Sources – Sources – All Traffic. Check below image.
All Traffic Sources

Don’t be ashamed or dishearten if you are not getting likes and recogintion in social media networks. Just keep making good articles and keep moving forward. In the long run, Google will find your site as a good one and your site will start ranking faster than you imagine. I learned a piece of information and i shared with you guys, that’s all to this topic.

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