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Funny doesn’t mean stupidity, funny as in it makes you smile and think of designer humor. Making logo designs out of nowhere is impossible, you have to get an inspiration by taking a look at other designers work. Designing logo which can be remembered easily is great. That can only be achieved by adding humor to the logo which is supposed be designed. Some artists and designers are very talented that they make logos out from any character they want, like this logo added below Alien records. Some of them try to make logos with the meaning of brand name like this one Crocodile. There are wide range of options available while designing a logo but the problem is always the composition. Getting perfect composition skills is not an art and neither is it impossible, it can be achieved through practice, patience, by analyzing things and the ability to enjoy even the simple things.

Interesting logos will stick with the consumer as when they hear or see your brand name anywhere they will think of your logo and company. Just in order to reduce logo designing costs, blogs and forums design logos using free stock photos. They don’t have to worry about selling or promoting any products or services most of the time, so it works well for them. If you own a company and run professional business, try to get a good logo designed. Well i mean some people design logos by themesleves to save money, even if they dont know any designing. They start using stock images found all over the internet, add different fonts, unnecessary text and colors. This kind of designing ruins the effectiveness and value of the brand as people sooner or later find it as a copy.

Here are some Funny Logos for your Inspiration which might help you in your designing projects. Share in logos, if you have found one as comment below.

Funny Logos

Alien records by vmyselfandi

alien records

Crocodile by Dan


The Shop by joshuaaarondavis

The Shop

Silver Light by ASD

Silver Light

Work Horse by Mikeymike

Rocket House by 7gone

Rocket House

Brain Box by 7gone

Brain Box

Cutkey by master_ino


Green Moon by alexmark

Green Moon

Bad Taste by orka

Bad Taste

MAXIMUM by gPhoto


Bumpy Road Films by michaelspitz

Bumpy Road Films

Launch Pad by LoGoBoom

Launch Pad

wake cup by mabu

wake cup

night cat v2 by ALL4LEO

night cat v2

AU logo by Logomotive


yoga plus

Hide & seek by full360

hide & seek

Loopnote by kirbmart


Limelight Group by PixMan

Limelight Group

Online Poker by gcm

Online Poker

ChooseVeg by xerocity


Building Explorer by apostol

Building Explorer

Finishing Touch by Brandsimplicity

Finishing Touch

Million Tags by xanido

Million Tags

Shift Media by shiftmedia

Shift Media

Yellowfish by Chanpion


Orange Cat by grabarz

Orange Cat

DAE by Areadesign


Mr. Couch by Arnas Goldbergas

Mr. Couch

18 Parkway by Laytoncreative

18 Parkway

Seven and Six by jpgerlach

Seven and Six

Talk by lalohead


Direct Sound by benjancewicz

Direct Sound

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