Super Curated List of Free & Editable Travel Brochure Template

Travel Brochure Template – what exactly is it?

Travel Brochure template is typically required for travel businesses looking to showcase their service areas, attractions, places to visit, hotels or other activities in a nice and attractive manner.

These are therefore pretty useful to everyone, right from small time travel agents to larger travel companies.

There is however an issue. For graphically challenged folks(me included) – it becomes a task to look at a nice looking travel brochure and reproduce a similar one.

Well, here’s good news ! I’ve got some customizable examples right there for you. All you have to know is a little bit of photoshop – and you are on your way to create your own exclusive brochure.

Don’t know photoshop – don’t worry – towards the end of this article, we are going to show you couple of other ways in which you can still get your own branded templates (shiny ones – ready to print !) 🙂

Before we go on, for a lot of noobs amongst my readers, I’d like to answer a few basic questions first:

How do you write a travel brochure?

Easy one. You choose an existing template of travel brochures, do your text onto them, change few images if you’d like – and Voila ! you are done with a new brochure.

How do I make a free travel brochure on Microsoft Word?

That’s a question almost everyone wants to know about. Here’s what –

  1. Open Word 2007/X
  2. Start typing ‘brochure’ into the bar which is at the top(its called the search bar). Press Enter, and you will get to search from a list of brochure templates
  3. Choose a good template, edit it, save it in either landscape or portrait mode and you are ready to go 🙂

How to get a brochure template on Google Docs?

  1. Open a google doc
  2. Type ‘brochure’ into the bar at the top(the search bar), and click on ‘Search Templates’. You can also easily go to the Google Docs Template Gallery and search for template
  3. Point number 3 from the above heading applies here too. After finding a good template, edit it, save it choosing the object type. Google drive actually automatically does the saving for you (heavy lifting for you, so that you don’t have to) 🙂

OK, Now back to the travel business. 

Getting a right brochure which can act as a travel guide is really important for a travel brochure. It doesn’t matter if the brochure is 5-10 page booklet, it must be precise and detailed.

Again, just to remind you – travel brochures in the current context are typically for businesses that are looking to create a new travel brochure project in photoshop or any other tool in order to showcase printed/e-copies of their business’ travel services.

Travel Brochure Template Examples

Here in this article we showcase some premium Travel Brochure examples which you may like. Also take a look at our related article on 30 Beautiful Travel Brochure Templates or a superb example of a travel insurance PSD (which you can very smartly go ahead, download, and use for any of your individual or commercial travel brochure project)

Travel / Business Brochure by Doc7

This is a complete layout for a printable brochure. Text and images/colors are easy to change, just drop in your own text, change the images/colors and you are ready to go.
Travel Brochure Example, Travel Brochure Template

Traveller Booklet/Catalogue Template by kartodarim

This layout is not limited for Graphic Design business, can be used for general purpose.

Tri-fold: Travel & Tourism by joeBanana

A new Trifold Template from joeBanana’s kitchen. This time for Travel Agencies and Tourist brochures.
Travel Brochure Examples

Fancy Travel Brochure Template by alessandrozaccaro

This is a very useful brochure made in ADOBE INDESIGN CS5 .5. Easy to edit, easy to customize.
Travel Brochure Examples

Travel and Tourism Brochure – Caribbean Beach by EAMejia

Travel & Tourism Brochure, ideal for hotels, travel agencies, and all accommodation / travel / tourism business. Just place your photos and edit text!
travel brochure template - editable and free travel brochures

Square Tourism Brochure by designstudio

A modern, minimalist design that can be adapted to any subject related to tourism, vacation or travel agencies, an excellent mean of promotion for any tourism destination.
travel brochure template - editable and free travel brochures

Caribbean Holiday Travel by MadHamsterLab

Caribbean holiday is a clean trifold brochure, prepared for two programs: Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. Both of them are carefully constructed with layers and styles (InDesign).
travel brochure

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