Five Chrome Games with High Replay Value

Are we talking about high definition graphics which require high end PC configuration or a console ? No , games with complex gameplay and HD graphics don’t always guarantee high replay value nor do games which last 100+ hours. Replay value may solely depend on individual tastes. Either way these 5 chrome games are worth a try.

These games can be played from any browser, i’m just going around with ones available from chrome web store. If you have come across other alternative games which may have got your interest, let other readers know about them. Trying to get high scores in some of these games will keep you hooked for hours.

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5 Chrome Games with High Replay Value

Angry Birds

Everyone must have already played this dozens of times,using slingshots to knock down those bricks and stones .This is one hell of an addition to the chrome web store and a must-play.
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Apple Shooter

A simple and precision flash game, in which you should shoot an apple from a guys head and nothing more.
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Audi Parking

In this car parking simulation game your job is to park your car into parking space without hitting other cars and obstacles before the time runs out. 15 new levels to complete to prove your driving skills.
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Gun Blood

Gun Blood pits your reflexes against nine computer opponents in one-on-one gun fights and includes four bonus rounds.
chrome games

RedBall 3

Roll and jump your way through each level to get past obstacles and also planning your way to complete the level.All 4 redball series are worth a try.
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