20 Best Firefox Skins To Customize Your Browser

Firefox is one of the widely used browsers and big rival to many others like Chrome,Opera,Safari,IE. Firefox became popular early in the days when opera,netscape and internet explorer ruled the browser community with its features,large no of addons and functionality. A stable version of firefox 9.0 has already been released to the masses yesterday , which claims further 20-30% performance increase in JavaScript performance.

If you cant take plain Firefox skin or theme ,then these collection of 20 Best Firefox Skins are for you. These themes are compatible with Firefox 9. If you like this article take a look at our related article on firefox .

Best Firefox Skins

NASA Night Launch

This theme is for people who like it dark. If you’re running a dark desktop, browsing at night, or just looking for a change, this is for you.
Firefox Skins

FT DeepDark 2.7.1

FT DeepDark is a theme that has been created to transform the look of Firefox (version 4 and higher) for Windows users.

FT SleekDark

FT SleekDark is a theme that has been created to transform the look of Firefox for Windows users. It has been specially designed for Seven.
Firefox Skins


FT EVO, born from FT Graphite “ashes”, is a theme that has been created to fully transform the look of Firefox for Windows users.
Firefox Skins

FT SilverGlow 2.4.3

FT Silver Glow is a theme that has been created for Windows users. It contains no added functionalities, it’s simply a full Firefox’s GUI customization.
Firefox Skins

Macfox II 2.1.4

macfox II continues offering the clean look of Mac OS X Firefox for your PC – includes Aqua-style UI elements and enhancements.
Firefox Skins

AvantGarde 5.3

“Avant-garde” is a French term, with no real English translation, that essentially means “out of the cultural or accepted norm”.
Firefox Skins

Silvermel 1.4.4

Silvermel gives a Creamy Silvery Experience and is a modification from the fantastic theme Charamel.
Firefox Skins

Utopia FFSE White 4.0.7

The Utopia theme is incorporated qith firefox logo.More color variations of this theme, including a black version, can be found on the theme’s homepage.
Firefox Skins

Red Cats (blue flavor)

Turn your Firefox into Firecat and enjoy browsing in the furry company. The theme is also available in green flavor.
Firefox Skins

Noia 4 1.6.0

Noia 4 is the successor of the popular Noia 2 eXtreme theme with full Firefox support.
Firefox Skins

MX3 3.1

Maxthon 3 browser like theme for Firefox.
Firefox Skins

SmallringFX DARKBlue 1.0929

Dark Blue clean theme addon for firefox.
Firefox Skins

MacOSX Theme 1.7.0

It is based on original firefox 4.0 Mac OS theme.
Firefox Skins


A full featured retro theme for Firefox that looks like Netscape 4.x, Netscape 6+ “Classic” theme running on Windows.
Firefox Themes

Qute 3++ (custom mod) 1.5.4

Simple and unobtrusive theme with clear, colorful icons. Recreated using the icons from the original Qute 3 theme and Qute icon set, to work on Firefox 3.0 and above.
Firefox Themes

ACE Foxdie 5

Firefox Themes

Mosaic-Fox 2.2

NCSA Mosaic was the first popular graphical web browser.The goal of this theme is to recreate the look and feel of NCSA Mosaic 2 running on Windows 95.
Firefox Themes

Dark Revisited 4.0

A dark theme, but with more balance than most dark themes. I made this for personal use, but wanted to share. Enjoy!
Firefox Themes

Kempelton Reloaded 4.1.3

Remake of the beautiful Kempelton theme by Arvid Axelsson for Firefox 4 and above.
Firefox Themes

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