Find Ways How Web Browser Really Help Web Designers

Find Ways How Web Browser Really Help Web Designers

This is a question most of the web designers have. The truth is Web Browsers can do more than what you think it can do. If you ask an experienced Web Designer, you will understand Web Browsers are Gold Mines. Understanding the right way to use it is the key to open these Gold Mines. If you are one of the people who has questions like Can a Web Browser Really Help Web Designers? Then keep reader this article. To start, I would like to talk about my history with Web Designing, I know no one likes to listen but please bear with it, this is important for this article at least, I think.


When I started web designing before few years, I started with Dreamweaver trail version. You can learn more about it here in Wikipedia. You can learn more about Dreamweaver in Wikipedia than the original website itself.

Dreamweaver8Source: Wikipedia


It is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, it is the most used tool in Web Designing, the only problem is the budget, it costs a lot. Since I did not want to invest in Dreamweaver, I tried many other free alternatives, but none could satisfy me as much as Dreamweaver, not to mention there aren’t any WYSIWYG editor available in free alternatives. I spent months switching from one editor to another and then one day I came across an online article inspiring Web Designers to use Web Browsers. I was really attracted by that article and decided to try it. I started with Firefox with Firebug addon. It was more satisfying than when I used Dreamweaver. I didn’t had to edit my code to match the browsers anymore and there were a lot of advantages.

Firefox_22_on_UbuntuSource: Wikipedia

Google_Chrome_screenshotSoure: Wikipedia


After that when Google released Chrome I tried Chrome which was more or less similar to Firefox with Firebug addon. Now with Firefox and Chrome I got my freedom from Dreamweaver and its alternative editors. I will write about using Firefox with Firebug and Chrome in more detail in a later date. Until then please leave your thoughts below.



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