Top 5 Facebook Timeline Landing Page Designs


Facebook Timeline for brands was unleashed earlier this year to the excitement, and most likely frustration, of designers around the world. March 30, 2012 is the cut-off date when all brands will be pushed from their familiar old layout into the new world of Timeline. While Facebook Timeline offers up a whole new plate of opportunities for designers to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the fans, it also means that businesses will need to take the time to create an amazing design which captures the essence of their brand.

The new Facebook Timeline layout is reminiscent of great landing page design. Similar to a regular website’s landing page, the Facebook brand pages now allow for one big cover photo but still saves space for a logo, name, and tagline. Also, the timeline aspect allows brands to really capture the history, mission, and news from their company in an aesthetic way.

Facebook Timeline is really pitting brands against each other. While the new layout can be used to a company’s advantage, fans will be quick to notice brands which do not put in the time and effort to produce something great. Fortunately, there are a range of designers out there with skills and know-how who are offering Facebook Timeline Landing Page Design services. Here are 5 companies which adopted the Timeline layout early-on with awesome design for inspiration.

Facebook Timeline Landing Page Designs

Manchester United

Manchester United uses the cover photo to showcase the team and the timeline to showcase the fans. The page gives visitors the feeling of being a part of the action any day of the week.

The Humane Society of the United States

To be fair, the Humane Society has the unique advantage of being able to showcase puppies, a sure-fire way to attract fans, but they also use take advantage of how Timeline features their apps and causes.

Red Bull

Always a great source for brand-inspired design, Red Bull’s use of video throughout their timeline keeps fans engaged.


Search engine, Bing, incorporates its changing landing page photo into the new Facebook Timeline. This is an excellent example of cross-over branding between all online outlets.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang uses the timeline like a runway to showcase their latest fashions.

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