Exploiting the Psychological Behavior of Users for an Effective Web Design

The competition in the field of website design and development is immense. Every other day, hundreds of new websites are added in the internet domain, and hence it is extremely crucial for you to develop a website which has been developed strategically to take on the competitive online market.

A website has to appeal to the end term user. If the users are not motivated to act after going through the website then it is no worth the entire effort. In this article we shall discuss 5 behavioral traits of the users, and how you can utilize the same to make your website design much more effective and productive. If you smartly and convincingly utilize these attributes in the website design, you will be blessed with long term online success for your business.

The psychological behavior of the users, and utilization of the same to make the website much more effective, is presented below:

1. Users are social beings!

It is a known fact that we all are social beings and no matter how much autonomous and self dependent we may become, deep down inside there is a need to connect to someone and depend on someone. Being autonomous does not mean that people turn into eccentric little snobs. Even the most of autonomous of people connect to those who are like them in the thinking and this is the behavior which you can exploit, in order to promote your website.

Utilization in the field of website design:

Amazon is quite smartly utilizing this attribute. One can easily see the comment “One who checked this also checked” and then there is a link to other related products and services. Similarly if you would try applying for a job via LinkedIn, you would see “people who viewed this also viewed” and then there will be a mention of all the related job openings. What these smart ecommerce and social networking giants are doing is capitalizing upon the psychological behavior of the users to connect. If you wish to promote various other posts and pages of your website, instead doing the same through marketing and promotion – which would only appear insincere to the users, you can opt for this technique. With the help of right tools and plugins, you shall be able to display the audience to the website with the same feature and hence will increase the user navigation on your website.

2. When authoritarian figures talk, we listen!

We listen more closely to an authority figure speak, rather than when someone else is speaking who is ranked below in the hierarchy. Whenever there is a public seminar, a workshop etc, a host or a low ranking executive (with superb communication skills, of course) to build up the enthusiasm. The gravity in the presentation is developed, an the entire background of the speaker is told, in order to develop an impression that the speaker is a well known and authoritative figure.

The audiences would always judge if the presentation is worth their time. And in the back of their mind the forces pertaining to perception comes into play. They are expected to respond much more favorably, if they perceive the person in question to be an important public figure.

Utilization in the field of website design:

One can utilize to same concept in the website design, by displaying skilfully the client testimonials previously received. If any of your earlier client has an impressive rapport in the industry, you must request them to oblige you with a testimonial and show case the same effectively in the website design. Other than that you may also think of showing the entire brands that you have worked for. The more the merrier – display their logos in a separate section to draw more users towards your website and look at your with deep reverence.

3. We are all competitive beings!

The psychological studies have revealed that chocolate cookie gave a sense of more satisfaction, when it was given from a jar that contained only two cookies in total, as compared to the jar full of cookies.

In easier terms – the sense of satisfaction is more when the stock available is less. This gives in impression that we have bought a product which is immensely popular and there was a subliminal competition to acquire the same.

Utilization in the field of website design:

Most of the ecommerce portals are making use of the same psychological behavior of the users, to sell out their products. By mentioning the stock availability of the item, the users are often hinted that the item in question is highly coveted and they must buy the same before it is too late. As a random internet user one must come across the stock availability being mentioned as “Limited Availability. Only 4 items left. Hurry!”

This instills a sense of urgency of action and hence contributes towards the easy and quick sale of the commodity.

4. We try to give what we take

As against the general perception, all of us humans have an innate need to reciprocate the favors being done to us. The same stems out of the respectable and acceptable sense of ego. We do not like taking favors, and if someone has been gracious enough to confer their favors on us, we try to return the same in various kinds.

Utilization in the field of website design:

It is a common phenomenon to be offered a free trial membership, a free eBook etc especially in the field of website design and development.

At the time of launch of a new product or service, especially in the design of coming soon pages, one may offer a free subscription, ebook, or a discount stemming out of early registration.

You can utilize the same in your website design, by offering them something for free or at discounted prices. In return you can ask for the return of favor in form of – visit my blog, or leave a comment etc.

Remember it is okay to ask for a return of favor, because it is implied that your users owe you one.

5. We settle down for a middle way out

It is a common tendency for the users to settle down neither for the costliest product or for the cheapest one. Instead an average consumer often settles down for a product which offers nice features and is ranked somewhere in between. This reduces the perceived risk while acquiring the product and simultaneously increases the perceived value and satisfaction from the consumption of the same.

Utilization in the field of website design:

This has been widely utilized by the ecommerce website owners in registering more sales. Mostly, three different packages are offered to the users, one which is the cheapest, and that does not have any utilitarian feature. Next to it is the costly one, which is only developed to make the third one look really cheap. Finally the third one, the product which we really wishes to sell. The price is kept reasonable, and good amount of attributes are offered in the same.

This draws the users in buying the same.

These were the 5 basic traits of the users, which you can exploit, in order to ascertain highly impressive websites and online success.

Diya is a content writer working at PixelCrayons a leading web design company and holds a profound experience. Diya’s areas of specialisation are- SEO, link building, custom website development and designing, web application development, CMS design, WordPress, Magento, Joomla development and other related topics.

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