Remove current version of google update plugin from firefox

Current Version Plugin Google Update
This is a simple plugin which gets installed in firefox to update google’s own services and programs. Removing or disabling it wont hurt the browser characteristics at all. Some people are getting errors related to this plugin when they start Mozilla Firefox. If you are facing such problem then you may disable this plugin.

How it got installed ?

This program automatically gets installed if you happen to use any one of the Google services. It is built in chrome browser and installed as an addon in Firefox.

Disabling Google update plugin

Disabling this plugin from Firefox is pretty straight forward. Go to Tools – Addons now in addons manager choose the option Plugins and disable the Google update.
current version plugin google update

Remove Google update plugin

remove current version of Google Update plugin
The best way to uninstall this plugin in Firefox is:

1) In address url type “about:config” change the value “plugin.expose_full_path” to “true”

2) Then go to address url and type “about:plugins” and find the Google Update plugin full path from the list.

3) In Windows, move the plugin “dll” somewhere else (e.g. a new directory created just for this purpose…)

Restart Firefox: it’s done!

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