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4 – a Brief overview is a unique Credit Card which was just recently launched in the US.

It is technically two products that seem to work in conjunction – a deposit account and a Credit Card. For me, I found it really fascinating to see the amalgamation of these two products by a non-Bank fintech.

I mean, this is what the Banks usually offer. Isn’t it?

But in this case, it seems to be glamorized a bit too well! Atleast that’s what I felt when I started my research into this.

But the devil is in the details. When you actually try and understand the heart of this product, you’ll figure out that this is basically a product that is designed to woo both consumers as well as brands

And I’ll explain how, maybe in a minute.

The way that the product is structured, the true magic happens when the two sub products, i.e, the deposit account and the Credit Card are paired together.

By linking your deposit account with The Unicorn Card credit card*, you gain access to a host of exclusive services, the main one being the interest and fee-free card service—an enticing proposition for savvy consumers.

Well, but is it just for savvy consumers?

Probably yes, and no both. Lets dig deeper.


What is

Like explained earlier, this is touted as a Credit Card for the smart ones. It offers you a dual product – a deposit account and a Credit Card, which when linked together, lets you have an interest and fee free payments experience.

But again, how does work?

For the normal folks like me, who would try to get into the details of things, this Credit Card would really woo me.

Not because of convenience or the overall sexiness of the product (and the website/app).But because of the way it encourages safe spending and automatic payment services.

Is a secured credit card?

In fact, you’re required to fund your account and adhere to the balance within, effectively transforming The Unicorn Card credit card* into a secured credit card.

Banks have been doing this for donkey years. That is, providing a Card against a lien or fixed deposit.

What has done is flip the proposition by offering no interest and activity fee if you link your account for direct repayments.

But how does build credit credit card is designed to help build credit and includes features to protect from fraud, overspending, or making late bill payments. The card assigns spending limits based on what’s available in your linked deposit account and sets aside funds for bill payments, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

Plus, the absence of a hard credit inquiry during application makes The Unicorn Card credit card* particularly appealing to individuals with less-than-ideal credit scores.

Exploring Features credit limit: What to expect

With a minimum available credit limit of $500, users have reported credit lines ranging from $500 to $1,500. Remarkably, even if your deposit account holds a modest balance, reports your entire credit limit, resulting in a favorable credit utilization rate of 2% to 3%.

Special codes and offers on ( special code, special code 2023)

When sifting through Google search results, I found a lot of folks searching for special code, or special code 2023 2024 etc..

Its funny. Why would you require a coupon code for a free product.

Like mentioned earlier, the metal card that you get is complimentary. Hence, all you are doing is basically funding your own ACH account in order to not be levied fees or interest.

Availability of customer support and contact details

Again, a simple google search will tell you that people are checking frantically for contact number or customer service number.

While they do advertise having a great 24/7 support, but personally I feel that this statement maybe slightly misleading. This is because they seem to have outsources it to a third party which at most times does not seem to have all the info available readily.

In fact their email replies are told to have 3+ days average reply times – which in my opinion is not that great. app: Functionality and user experience ( app) User Experience and Reviews

I think the overall sentiment with reviews is mixed.

When we did a review, we tried to review them on the following basic parameters


I found that excels in effectiveness, particularly with its credit-building and security features.

Users have full control over a range of personalized security measures. Additionally, most feedback on changes to credit scores has been positive.


Utilizing the deposit account alongside the Unicorn card incurs zero fees for customers.

However, the downside is the absence of an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on the deposit account. also received a negative mark because the Unicorn card may impose interest and late fees if automatic payments are not enabled.

Ease of Use offers credit-building features that operate in the background and manageable security features through its app.

Yet, there are notable drawbacks. The app is prone to crashes, has limited support for linking to mobile banks like SoFi and Chime, and lacks transparency on the functionality of the frozen funds feature. Hence, I deducted points in this area.


Although boasts 24/7 customer support, it seems to be outsourced to third parties, leading to limited access to account information.

Customers are often assured a response via email from the appropriate team within three or more days, which can be frustrating. This reliance on third-party support and delayed issue resolution resulted in a deduction of points in this category.

By the way, you may find a lot of reddit reviews as well, where people have discussed the ways they’ve benefited (and not).

Obviously, the intent of this article is not to throw you in that direction (and possibly serve as the single version of truth).

That said, if you’re curious, you may still want to go to read the reviews on on reddit – and make an opinion of your own. Comparison and Legitimacy

Is legit?

Does it even compare to the traditional Banking products?

I think one of the first things one does while making a comparison on is to weigh it against similar other players like Chime.

While I did not want to add a very detailed comparison between and chime, but I’ve atleast tried to highlight the key considerations to keep in mind when comparing the two:

  • Has the Unicorn Card, designed for credit building without impacting your credit report with a hard inquiry.
  • Functions akin to a debit card while aiding in credit building.
  • Pledges to optimize your credit utilization rate.
  • Assures no fees or interest if automatic payments are made.
  • Doesn’t offer rewards or interest on checking account deposits.
  • Less recognized compared to Chime, with fewer app store ratings.


  • Well-established with a larger user base and more ratings.
  • Offers credit-building tools such as the Chime Credit Builder Card.
  • Provides easy approval without credit checks and reports on-time payments to credit bureaus.

Both cater to individuals aiming to build or enhance their credit scores. may appeal more to those seeking advanced security features and credit-building tools without debt risks. Conversely, Chime is a trusted brand, likely preferred by users accustomed to established services.

Final thoughts on Is it worth considering?

Considering for its credit-building capabilities without debt risks? Here is my summarized view

  • Credit Building: Reporting to all major credit bureaus, aids in boosting your credit score through timely payments and optimized credit utilization.
  • No Fees or Interest: With the Unicorn Card, you’re assured of no fees or interest, provided you maintain automatic payments, a significant perk compared to traditional credit cards.
  • High-Tech Security: offers robust security features, granting maximum control over privacy and security.
  • Spending Control: Functioning akin to a debit card, it prevents overspending by restricting usage to your linked deposit account balance.
  • No Rewards: While lacking in rewards or interest on checking account deposits, this may deter some users.
  • Customer Service: Although not top-tier, customer service remains accessible, with the app earning high functionality ratings.

In summary, suits those aiming to enhance their credit score while exercising strict spending control, especially beneficial for credit novices or those steering clear of traditional credit card pitfalls. However, if rewards or interest on deposits are priorities, exploring alternative options might be prudent. Always stay informed by reviewing recent user feedback and expert opinions to ensure alignment with your financial objectives and preferences.




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