Coordinating for Trade Show Promotional Item Success

Choosing the appropriate promotional items for a trade show can be a challenge. It is far too easy to spend money on objects that are picked up by passers-by who are looking for freebies but who are not really potential customers. What trade show promotional item will attract the most business?

The Challenge is Multifaceted

The display must be designed to attract potential customers. Those manning the area must be skilled in spotting and engaging those potential customers. Finally, the promotional items offered must bring that customer back at the right time.

The first and last parts of the challenge can be worked out in consultation with the experienced staff of Logo’d Gear. From table covers to banners, every part of the display can be coordinated to draw in customers. The corporate logo is, of course, a must, but other artwork that conveys the target message is important as well. Logo’d Gear can even help to coordinate apparel.

The Promotional Items Serve a Dual Purpose

First, they help to draw potential customers close. Everybody likes freebies, so small items make a great lure. There are the tried and true objects like pens and pencils, key chains and stress balls, which are available in a dizzying array of styles. A business looking for something even more tempting can consider enticing treats like cookies with the company logo.

Thirsty folks can be brought close with offerings of custom-labeled bottled water. Travelers will enjoy more travelling and exploration with a design or logo about the event or their company logo on their bags and other travel gears.

Once the visitor has stepped up to the display and has been engaged in conversation, the staff manning the display can size him or her up and decide which is more expensive, targeted item can be offered. Carefully chosen gifts can ensure that information about a company is at hand when a sale is about to be made.

If potential customers typically work at a desk, desktop items can be offered. Mugs and mouse pads, calculators and calendars, paperweights and pen holders can all be at a customer’s fingertips when the time comes to make a call.

A potential customer who usually works away from a desk can still be offered a gift that will be on hand when the time comes to make a call. A flashlight, travel mug, clip board, or tool kit can be just the thing.

A call or email to Logo’d Gear will start the planning process for a successful trade show event.

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