Codelobster PHP Edition – Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor (IDE)

Let us present a new multipurpose software which is called Codelobster PHP Edition – a free PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment), supporting all the frameworks.

codelobster PHP interface

There exist a great number of manifold computer editors that are necessary if you work on web sites, concern yourself with their development and forwarding. The principal requirements for such programs are modernity, multifunctionality and usability. That’s why we would like to mark a free computer program, which is called Codelobster PHP Edition. Besides its formidable and high functionality this program is easy to exploit.

  • HTML/CSS inspector helps you to correlate the code and proper style with selected units of pages.
  • PHP structure is generally admitted and available, it has PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  • So called “autocomplete” was laid in this program, including HTML 5 и CSS3.You can see and research the whole list of facilities and methods on the official web site.
  • The program is very popular both with naive users and specialists. Its advantages play a significant role over others programs. The editor supports a mixed code, that’s why a hypertext mark-up language is highlighted as HTML, a PHP language as PHP and a JavaScript language as JavaScript. All these functions are met in the same file. The coding system is divided into different colors and every color belongs to its type.
  • Among the principal features, we can name the following:
  • SQL manager (The plug-in for structured query language. It is perfect for working with database operations). Using this plug-in you can delete, highlight, enquire, edit the information, add, and make notes in tables or transfer the data.
  • File Transfer Protocol (or FTP) helps to work with a server and commit all the changes with a chance of viewing your result.
  • The program is supported by all the languages. If you want to look through the features and functions of this software – just browse the official page of this site.
  • The portable option allows exploiting the editor without preset.
  • PHP debugger is irreplaceable for those who deal with executing the scripts.

There are also a lot of other important features: a collating of informative data, code folding, bookmarks, tooltips, navigation through the functions descriptions and functions of included files, pair highlighting.

  • Moreover you may use extra facilities:
  • to work with Drupal and Joomla CMS;
  • to work with PHP frameworks – CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii;
  • to work with WordPress – popular blogging platform;

Codelobster PHP Edition FREE Version 4.1 released has been released recently which speeds its the total functionality.

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