Choosing The Right Web Designer

Right Web Designer
Qualities of an excellent web designer

A good web designer is essential in creating a great web site. Web design is a confusing process for beginners finding a web design company to simplify the process is a good idea.

Web design companies have the experience to help people like you make educated decisions during the process from creating concept of design to publicly accessible website and offering advice for continued maintenance of websites long after they have been created.

These are some web design steps which will be discussed in detail.

1. Setting your goals

2. Arranging a budget

3. Selecting a web development company

4. Selecting a hosting company

Setting your goals

Questions to ask when setting goals for a website should include

Who is the target audience?

Budgeting for your website

The price of a website depends on its features and capabilities. Understanding how much money is available allows you to negotiate with the web design company based on the needs of your business. Keeping your budget a secret is important as it allows you to see how much the website design company values you as a prospective client who may buy $100 services or contract for $50 000 in services.

Choosing a great web design firm

There are so many companies offering web design services it could be over whelming. So using the answers from the questions earlier set out your criteria.

Concept and execution

The web designer has to create a concept of a website with creative direction from you and then building it from scratch. Two or more web designers could be used for creative and then technical build.

The concept is a blueprint for your future web site. It also allows the website design company to give an accurate estimate to the total cost of a functioning website.

There are many companies claiming to be web designers for example an advertising company that gives you a basic web template to put info into. These companies are not web designers. Web designers work with you from the beginning using your vision to create a blueprint then applying their technical expertise to build a unique web site delivering your vision to visitors.

A great website design company will have completed projects in their portfolio for all to view.

Previous work

The web design firm best suited for your business will have other clients in your industry that require similar services. The web development company should be able to handle all of your requirements, wether it’s an ecommerce, social or informative website.

Portfolio and client testimonials

A web development company uses its portfolio to show completed projects along with testimonials from previous clients showcasing their individual experiences with the company.

The web design company may provide references to contact for more information along with other websites they have worked on.

Previous clients will provide a lot of info on the company’s attitude towards a project. Clients will also provide info on their satisfaction, amount of money spent, how they feel about using the company in the future and if the company was willing to make changes when the client asked.

Evaluate quotes

Web design companies calculate price using the following:

Per hour: Companies time is charged per hour.

Fixed Price: A pre negotiated price. This is best for custom graphics or animated images.

Per Page: Each page is made when required and charged at price previously agreed. You control what pages are made and how much is spent with no surprises.

Final quote:

The quote should include all hidden costs, special fees criteria of project completion, date of completion and a set price and method of payment. The method of payment should be arranged so less than 20% of total is amount is paid out before the criteria for a complete website is met. The rest is paid after you agree the website is complete. To protect yourself in case the agreed upon dates are not met an acceptable provision should be included in your quote.

It is your money and you have a right to choose who will be good for your business. If companies you contact appear to be dodging questions and giving flaky answers take your business elsewhere. There are many upstanding companies that will reply in a timely and courteous manner with useful info, quotes and references to previous clients.

Request quotes from multiple companies to review their attitude, prices and payment method. Always find the company that best addresses your needs efficiently.

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