The Case For Business Cards In The Digital Age

QR business cards
Although the business environment of today may seem to be increasingly digitized, there is still something to be said for a well organized, attractive business card.

Commercial Trends

Though there are many trends and much research that indicates a great deal of commerce is going online, this does not mean that companies are foregoing tried-and-true techniques like the business card. Even though the newer generations of consumers like to do business online, they still want to know that you are prepared for them if you should meet in person.

Historically, the symbol of a prepared businessman was a business card at the ready. A business card is an indication not only a preparedness, but also of organization. A business card contains all of the relevant information to a business, information that can be quickly accessed by the consumer whenever he or she needs it.

Businesses on the cutting-edge are realizing more and more that having a business card does not mean that you are in the backend of the industry. In fact, as the next few paragraphs show, business cards can actually be incorporated into the new marketing techniques of the digital world.

Digital Codes and Business Cards

Perhaps you have seen a weird looking barcode type thing in a window storefront and wondered what it was. You have probably just had your first look at a QR code.

The QR code is a format that can be scanned by a smart phone after the QR code reader is downloaded (most QR code readers and QR codes are currently free of charge). When the smart phone reads the QR code, it will access whatever website that code tells it to go to.

QR codes are often used on business cards as well as in storefront windows. This keeps the personal touch of the business card along with the expediency of the digital format. No longer does a potential client have to type in an entire phone number or website. They can simply scan the QR code that is on the business card and be led straight to the preferred website of the business.

New Opportunities

Combining the two “technologies,” namely coding and the personal touch, can lead to some outstanding business results. Once you make the personal acquaintance of a client and avail them of the notion that your business is on the cutting edge, it is a one-two punch that not many new customers can wiggle their way out of.

Businesses that use the personal touch along with the new technologies that are available for business cards usually find themselves at the heads of their industries. The moral of the story is this: Some technologies (the business card) will never go out of style; they will only be updated and made better.

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