Brochure Design: Audience, Style and Intrigue


Brochures often channel images of hotel lobbies full of colorful designs and countless exciting activities in a large display case. On your last trip, which brochures did you pick? Dull, lifeless ones with empty images or vibrant, bold ones with alluring designs? Chances are, you opted for the latter, and now you want to know how to make your own eye catching brochure.

Know Your Audience

Before making a creative or written piece, you must know the audience. Knowing the audience allows you to include appropriate content and to place the brochures in profitable locales. If you’re planning to put your brochure in a hotel where lots of children frequent, be sure to include attractions for kids of all ages. If you’re creating a brochure about a dental practices, make sure to put them in places associated with health such as a nearby doctor’s office.


When a brochure looks boring, people are not going to be interested in reading it. Start with an exciting heading that really explains what the tourist attraction, service or business is all about. Include an exciting picture. For a water park brochure, include a glossy photo of a family happily going down the slide. If you’re advertising a romantic resort for couples, add a photograph of a couple sipping wine in an elegant restaurant. Make sure that the brochure is easy to hold. A brochure that is clumsy to open and page through might aggravate people to the point of throwing it away.


Now that you have the person reading the brochure, you want to make sure that he or she keeps on reading. Make it organized. Brochures that discuss a specific vacation spot should have separate sections for restaurants, wineries, children’s attractions and so forth. A brochure about a business should include benefits, certifications, amounts charged for the service, contact information, etc. Plenty of pictures and photographs show the reader what is truly in store. Furthermore, you could also include a map so tourists know how to get around the area. Any additional information-such as local hospitals or doctors in a tourist area or reviews from customers of a particular business-help to amp up the interest value of your brochure too.

Creating a brochure can be an overwhelming task, especially if you try to start at the first page. Instead of making the title first, dive right into the body of the brochure. Add your clever descriptions and creative photographs. After that part of the process, allow all of the details to come together to create a dazzling headline that really embodies the subject matter.

Once you have completed your designs it is important to make sure you print quality brochures. You want to impress your customers and there could be nothing worse then presenting them with a low grade thin leaflet.

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