Article Directories: Your Fast Track to Higher Search Engine Rankings

Let’s say you’re a potable water company and you need to get your name out there. One way is by providing your target audience with informational and interesting articles. The whole idea is to educate your prospective customers so they are sure your business is the one they wouldn’t mind parting their money with.

Article directories are a great place to submit your articles. By submitting articles, you use natural search engine optimization to get closer to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

What is the Big Deal with Article Directories?

Article directories are places where experts go to write informative content to educate others. Directories have thousands of articles submitted to them on a daily basis. Search engines take note of all the updates going on at sites like this and rank them closer to the top of their results pages.

If your company were to submit an article to a high ranking article directory like, it would not take long for your article to show up in the search engines. The more views your article gets, the more exposure you have for your site through backlinks. These links will contribute to increasing your website or blog ranking in the search engines. 

Why Post to Article Directories?

  • Speak directly to your target audience: You can position your company as the thought leader in your field by exemplifying how you understand your customers’ needs. When customers see how you can provide them some sort of relief from their problems, they will naturally look to your company for consultation or products.
  • Improve your search engine results ranking: You create valuable backlinks to your website or blog, helping your search engine result rankings.  
  • Build credibility: If someone were to write a book on water purification machine companies, you would automatically assume this person has put a lot of thought into the contents of the book. He has thoroughly researched information and is seen as an expert on this. The same is true when well-written articles are published at article directories.


How to Get Placed in Article Directories

Every directory has different rules that you must follow in order for them to accept your articles. Generally, they don’t want spam-filled articles that only market your business. 

For example, the title should be something of value to the reader like: “How to find the best potable water” not “You should buy brand xyz because their potable water is the best!” See the difference? It’s subtle but clear. 

Articles are usually required to be at least 450 words. This may seem lengthy, but to offer articles of value the more information the better for your audience. Typically, any links that lead back to your site must be in the author byline at the end of the article. Not in the contents of the article itself. Articles directories want the focus to be on delivering great content to their readers.  

With this information you can write and post articles to article directories to get you closer to the top of search engine results pages. 

This guest post was brought to you by Shane, a writer with varied interests including online marketing. All businesses, even ones that offer potable water or a water purification machine can get closer to the top of search engine results pages by submitting articles to article directories.

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