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Let’s say that your younger brother invited you to have dinner at a restaurant, along with a bunch of his friends who had just graduated from Harvard University. You, not being able to understand half the words they are saying are just sitting in the small, dark corner of the table, smiling and nodding for no apparent reason. You are wondering when you can go home and look up all those interesting words you heard today in the dictionary. Since your brother is keeping up with the conversation well, and getting all the limelight because of it, every one of his friends are beginning to wonder if you even know how to speak proper English.

If an iPhone user like you was ever in this kind of situation, and did not know how to get yourself out, there’s no need to worry for a moment longer! Nowadays, companies like App Empire, create such impressive apps for your iPhone that you can be guaranteed to never fall in the trap of complete humiliation. You don’t have to be super duper smart like a Harvard graduate, nor do you have to wait until you go home to look up all the words you were confused about in the dictionary. You can just take your iPhone out that has this specific dictionary app installed, and check the meaning of any word. Literally, any word because this app has way more words in its database than what other competing dictionary apps have. It also is updated, unlike other dictionaries which are still stuck with the word from the 1850’s!

All this interesting information you just read has probably gotten the hair on your arm standing up by now. But you are also probably wondering why you still don’t even know the name of this amazing app yet. Well I apologize, but the best had to be saved for the last. The name of this app is called ‘Dictionary!’ You can see very well that the exclamation point at the end of the app’s name easily explains just how great this app really is. Now that I got the name covered, let’s learn how to get this magical app straight into your iPhone.

The first thing you have to do is go on the ‘app store’ which is already installed on your phone. Then you must search for the word ‘Dictionary!’ Once you find it, you can download it free of cost. Once the app is installed, it is ready to use. Now let me give you a little insight on this app. What you first do is click on the app. When you are on it, the first thing you will see is a search box. You just type in whatever word or phrase you want to learn about. Make sure it is in the limit of 50 letters, if there even is such a word or phrase that exceeds 50 letters! If you don’t know the exact spelling of the word, you can type in the first few letters, and the Dictionary! matching the letters you typed, will automatically suggest you some words.

Can your pocket dictionary do that? When you found your word, you click on it and 3 options pop up, ‘Meaning’, ‘Synonyms’, and ‘Wiktionary’. The meaning option will of course show you the meaning or meanings of the word, along with if the word is a verb, adjective, noun, etc. The synonyms option will give you the synonyms of the word you searched. And the Wiktionary option will be as if you’re searching a word on ‘’. What is so great about this app is that you don’t need to worry about having internet on your phone. Everything but Wiktionary works without internet.

You could argue that the Dictionary! App is no different than regular pocket dictionaries. But let’s be real, will you keep taking out a book in front of everyone? And besides, no matter how much someone says that a pocket dictionary will fit perfectly in your pocket, reality checks that it will never fit into your iPhone size pocket. Another benefit is that when you take your iPhone out to check a word’s meaning, no one will ever know if you’re checking a meaning or replying to a text! Systems like App Empire just seem to know exactly how to get us out of trouble , when we need the help the most.

ElSayed ElAssal is a technology – App Empire lover who works in the internet marketing business with 4 years experience. Currently working on the App Empire review.

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