7 Top Tactics to Market Using Your Business Cards

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Got a business card? Its actually a trick question. We figured you’ve probably got a big stack of business cards, sitting in a drawer and that you keep a few of them in your pocket. These business cards are only a few inches overall, but they can really pack a punch if you know how to use them. So do you?

We’ve got 7 top tactics to market using your business cards. They’ll work for many niches and industries. While you may not want to use all 7, a couple of them could be a real slam dunk or a grand slam for you. And as we know, making that contact with a potential new client, vendor or other business relationship has never been more critical than in today’s economy.

Try our top 7 today!

  1. Add a photo. Be more memorable. This is especially ideal if you connect with a lot of people or go to business networking events. Add a photo so people can instantly recognize you. The best photo to use is not one of your favorite snaps from your beach vacation (unless you sell surfboards or swimsuits, and then in that case, go right ahead and do it). Try a photo of you in your office or one with natural light. A head shot is perfect.
  1. Include the year your business began. This is a great thing to add, especially for solopreneurs or small businesses or family owned businesses. The year you started your business is a point of price. If your businesses has been in the family for two or several generations that is also something you can put on your business card.
  2. Add a great testimonial from a happy customer. Don’t ignore the power of a testimonial from a customer. If you are giving out your business card, this is the ideal opportunity to let others know just how happy your customers are. Another great idea is to mention that your business is listed at popular customer review sites, Angie’s list for example. If you have a top rating then don’t be shy about mentioning it.
  3. Directions to your office. This is one of the best things you can give a potential customer when you give out your business card, especially if your business relies on them coming to your office or store and finding it is somehow difficult. While many locations are easily found with GPS or map websites like Mapquest, there are still a few quirks and some locations seem to be harder to find. If yours is one of those, add those directions on the back of your business card so clients will find you, and point out why the directions are there.
  4. Freebie. Who doesn’t love a freebie? If your business card mentions something for free, you’ll probably hear from a lot of interested customers. Whether it is a product for setting a sales appointment or an ebook for signing up for your newsletter at your website, there are many great freebies your business can offer.
  5. Coupon. This is something many customers appreciate, often even more than a freebie. If you have a popular service, offering a new customer a discount on their first service can be a great way to build new customers returning to your business.
  6. Fun facts. Why not teach your customers something about why they should use or why they need your services? Let’s say your service is pest control. You could add a few fun facts about how quickly bed bugs reproduce. Or the most popular pests found in homes and offices. Or how to tell if you have pests.

Lawrence Reaves writes for Galorath, a project management software company offering consulting and training services.  For more information on Galorath and their products, go here.

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