6 Tools for Managing Multiple WordPress Sites

It is important to always keep your WordPress installation, your theme and plugin package updated to avoid security threats and ensure best performance. This can be a demanding task if you run more websites.

If you only have one or two websites, you may not need tools for managing multiple WordPress sites. With only few websites the maintenance task is quite straightforward as you do not have to update your themes, plugins and WordPress core in various locations. However, as you begin to add more sites the task will start growing. This is one of the reasons why some WordPress websites are not being updated in time.

Depending on your needs you could choose to use the WordPress multisite feature. It will allow you to build a number of similar websites in one installation. It is actually just like WordPress.com, where users can create a website on demand. This feature was build into WordPress when version 3.0 was released. Creating multisite installations was also possible before with WordPress MU, but it has become easier. However, if you run several websites with different functionality and design your requirements could very well go beyond what is possible using WordPress multisite.

Fortunately, there are several tools for managing multiple WordPress sites from one location. In this article, I have collected 6 useful tools. If you use another tool for  centralized WordPress management, please share your experience below. We also like to know if you use one of the tools I have listed below, please share your experience in the comments section. Kindly share this post with your friends, as well.


This plugin is a free and simple solution that will permit you to perform several basic functions that are associated with managing several WordPress websites. Although you still have to install a WP remote plugin on all of your installs, the admin panel for site management is located in a single central location, which can be found at the plugin website.


InfiniteWP Client – MORE INFO

This plugin will allow you to manage unlimited WordPress websites from the InfiniteWP server. The plugin will reside in your server so it is entirely under your control. You can update your sites with just one click, restore your database or the entire site and create backup instantly. The admin panels of all your WordPress sites can also be accessed with just one click.


ManageWP Worker – MORE INFO

This is a revolutionary plugin that can help you manage several WordPress sites with a single dashboard. WordPress core, themes and plugins can be upgraded with one click while website backups can be scheduled automatically. You can access the admin of any of your WordPress site with just one click. ManageWP Worker also allows bulk install of plugis and themes to multiple sites.


CMS Commander – MORE INFO

This tool will not only let you manage several WordPress sites but also multiple Joomla, phpBB and Drupal websites as well. CMS Commander can be used for free if you only have a maximum of 5 websites. However, if you have more, you will have to pay from 9.90 dollars a month for ten sites up to 64.90 dollars a month for 200 websites.


Worpit Plugin – Manage WordPress Better – MORE INFO

This tool will allow you to manage multiple WordPress sites from fast, single and convenient dashboard. It will allow you to bulk update your themes and plugins, and provide instant recovery and backup. If you only have a single WordPress site, you can use this plugin for free. The premium subscriptions have six types, which range from 1.60 dollars a month for 5 sites and 160 dollars a month for 500 sites.



This is an all in one and comprehensive marketing tool that can provide insight and organization to your operations. With XMark Pro, you can manage and create even hundreds of domains, which include one click login, full support for WordPress, automated upgrading and other features. This tool also provides mass post, SpinTac, drip feeds as well as centralized and complete WordPress management.


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