5 Bad Habits that Diminish Your Blog Traffic and Cut Down Your Profit

Bad Habits - blogging
Many bloggers are doing bad habits that result on diminishing their blog traffic and cut down their profit. What are they? Here are 5 bad habits that diminish your blog traffic and cut down your profit:

1. Not inserting image to your blog post

Nowadays, a blog without images is boring. There are millions of blogs out there, and if you can’t deliver the best to your blog readers, you won’t get noticed. Image is one of the things that will make your blog better. Inserting image to your blog post will make your blog post even more interesting to read. However, many bloggers are still ignoring the importance of image. Many bloggers are wondering about where they can get legal images to be placed in their blog. Perhaps, you have similar thinking like many bloggers do. The answer is that you can either purchase a stock photo image (recommended) or you can use public domain image, whatever you think will make your blog better.

2. Not responding to your readers’ comments

Ignoring your readers’ comments is the worst thing you can do as a blogger. Remember that you can’t attract more traffic to your blog if you don’t build good relationship with your readers. The easiest way to build relationship with your readers is to respond to their comments, and it will show the people that your blog is active and you care about the readers of your blog. It will make people want to engage more with your blog. It will bring you more traffic and profit to your blog.

3. Inserting too many advertisements

Inserting too many advertisements can be counter-productive to your blog. Instead of increasing your profit, you can diminish your traffic and cut down your profit by doing so. Here’s a simple explanation. Too many advertisements will affect your blog ranking negatively in the search engine. It will then diminish your traffic. With less traffic coming to your blog, you’ll make less profit from your blog. So, be sure to avoid being greedy with your blog.

4. Not writing your blog post regularly

This is the most common habit that most bloggers are doing. They are lazy to publish their newest post. They procrastinate to write their next post. If you are doing this, you will be on a big trouble. Google will rank your blog based on your blog activity. The more active your blog, Google will index and rank your blog faster. But, if you become less active with your blog, eventually you will lose your search engine ranking and traffic.

5. Wasting time checking your traffic statistic

There are too many bloggers obsessed with their blog traffic statistic. They are wasting their time for hours just to look at their traffic stat. Then, they are wondering why their blog traffic is not increasing. This is a big waste of time since your time should be spent on creating good content for your blog readers. The best way to monitor your traffic statistic is to spend no more than 5 minutes per day to check your blog traffic. Focus your time on creating good content and building good relationship with your readers.

Those bad habits can lead into bad consequences for your blog if you keep doing those habits. To avoid negative consequences from those habits, you have to learn to stop your bad blogging habits once and for all.

Denis Bitson is a freelance writer that likes to cover everything related to internet marketing. He also contributes to carinsurancecomparison.org where you will be able to compare various insurance policies.

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