5 Android Apps Alternate to Memo for Bloggers

Smartphones are making our lives easier either its Android or IOS based ones. There are apps developed for almost any field or area of our interests, just finding the best app is tricky. Some people might like to write things that come to their mind in a document or a notebook. Memo app in Android is like saving a piece of memory or the things you have done the current day. Its advantage is its simplicity. It doesn’t have features to organize memos created with different names or does it have options to save things to a earlier date just in case we want to remember things we have done before. And the default Calendar app is just to keep track on events and doesn’t do any good to serve our purpose.

Bloggers get distracted while writing very easily, but their mood can be good while traveling or when then far away from home or work. Writing down what comes to mind is a good habit. This helps to remember things you have thought about writing on a specific topic for a later date. So here we conducted a search for android apps to write down things you think and find interesting when you are anywhere around. This set of productivity android apps will sure help amateur and pro bloggers.

ColorNote Notepad Notes
ColorNote Notepad Notes

This application is the best out there to write down notes. Adding notes in this app is really simple just like the memo app, extra features being the ability to save notes in its calendar or send them to your email , Facebook(application must be installed), messaging program or directly to another mobile via Bluetooth. List and grid view of notes in workspace with different colors is really a good option. Adding heading to the note is possible here with this app which was missing in the default Memo App. Lots of other features like password protecting notes, reminder, search make this app worth a try. Another Good thing no ADS. The only cons i found was there is no save button , we have to click back button to save the notes or i was not able to find it.

AK Notepad
Ak notepad
Start adding notes by clicking add note in the application and yes you are done. You can sort notes by time, password lock the entire application. Other notable feature is Exporting notes to the SD card. There is also an alternate option to backup data freely by syncing to catch.com, just signup for an account. Sharing or sending notes is similar to that of Colornote notepad. Click on a note for 3secs an option will showup which will let you pin notes on your Homescreen.

This app first requires you to create an account. Once the account has been created it will let you create-edit notes , to-dos and task lists. Notes added will be synced on the evernote servers very quickly. You will realize one month upload limit of 60MB will be very low as soon as you include images in your notes. There is a premium feature to increase that limit to 1GB for 5$/month. Adding videos and voice recording is easy too and most importantly it claims to search for text within the images. You will love this application rich in features right away.

Adding notes is easy in springpad app and so is backup of data. It will sync all your notes made in springpad to springpad.com servers securely. Adding audio and photos to the notes, task lists and a barcode scanner are the additional features. Pinning notes to the Homescreen is easy too along with sharing notes online.

Another android app from catch.com. Capture everyday activities by taking pictures and adding notes. It also lets auto-sync to the cloud network as well as Google and Facebook accounts. Text ,gallery ,reminder and voice notes are actually split up for easy access.

What do you think? I really liked colornote and evernote. Do you have any favorites to share with our readers ?

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