40 Unique Premium Admin Templates

40 Unique Premium Admin Templates from themeforest
Backend web development can be compared to your local government. You don’t usually see them, but they’re doing their work (efficiency is another matter). While content management systems like WordPress or Drupal do the work most of the time, there are occasions where you can’t do without a custom solution. As you know, building an administration page yourself can be quite difficult and time-consuming.

“I’d do it myself but..” You don’t have to build it yourself. Especially when there are dozens of unique admin templates around that are responsive, clean, full of features and plugins and customizable at almost no cost. In this article, you’ll find 40 customizable premium admin templates for your next website, project or application.

1. Neat Admin – Responsive Admin Template ($16)


Neat Admin is a new responsive admin template with many features and custom elements. It comes with 4 different colors that you can switch with a built-in theme-switcher. It is built on Twitter Bootstrap with a lot of customized elements and additional colors.

  • Responsive Layout
  • Many custom elements
  • Custom made animations
  • 32 custom button colors

2. Mango – Slick & Responsive Admin Template ($25)


Mango is a slick and responsive admin template that comes with all features you can imagine – and even those you can’t imagine. It is built with modern techniques like HTML5 and CSS3 to be used for backend solutions of any size. It has custom elements, 30+ plugins, 15+ custom plugins and a very flexible content structure.

  • Fluid and fully responsive 12 column grid
  • 30+ Plugins
  • Customizable user interface
  • Lifetime updates

3. Slate Admin 2.0 – Responsive Admin Template ($17)


Slate Admin 2.0 is an all new premium responsive admin template based on the popular Slate Admin 1.0. This new version has been rebuilt from the ground up and comes packed with a multitude of new features.

  • Responsive Layout
  • jQuery Flot Charts
  • Enhanced Form Elements
  • All New Lightbox Plugin

4. Amanda Responsive Admin Template ($16)


Amanda Responsive Admin Template is a new admin template with many features, plugins and custom elements that you can use for your backend projects. This template has built-in theme switcher that you can change anytime you want. This template is very useful for any type of application whether for desktop or mobile devices.

  • Responsive layout
  • Very Sleek WYSIWYG Editor
  • Interface Elements
  • Add-on Pages

5. Kanrisha – Premium HTML5 Responsive Admin Template ($19)


Kanrisha is a premium HTML5 responsive admin template, with a sweet clean and minimal overview, suitable for iPad and iPhone resolutions, it’s coming with +14 plugin and 6 awesome patterns.

  • Two Column Responsive
  • 9 HTML Pages
  • 15 Javascript Scripts
  • HTML5 Valid

6. Utopia Responsive Admin Template ($18)


Utopia is a premium responsive admin template that comes packed with a massive set of features including 30+ beautifully crafted UI elements ranging from charts to gauges, knobs to masked inputs and what not. This theme comes with three themes white and dark which will suit your need in different situations. The collapsible sidebar and widgets, data tables, conversations tables, pricing tables and numbers of galleries with image effect will make it a perfect choice for the backend of your web applications.

  • Responsive, works with multiple devices
  • Massive collection of UI elements
  • 200+ beautiful icons in color and grey format
  • Detailed Documentation

7. Aquincum – Premium Responsive Admin Template ($21)


Aquincum is a premium admin skin with lots of custom elements, 35+ plugins and very flexible content structure.

  • Fully responsive layout
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Image gallery and media table with pagination
  • Integrated source code viewer

8. Bingo – All Purpose Responsive Admin Template ($18)


Bingo is very powerful high-end admin/backend user interface template. You can use it in web admin, CMS, web application, accounting software etc. It is very easy to use and extremely easy to integrate.

  • 100% Responsive Template
  • 42 HTML files
  • Well Documented
  • 4 Dashboard styles

9. White Dream Admin Panel ($17)


White Dream Admin Panel has a huge number of functions that are necessary for the development of your projects. This template is suitable for any application ranging from the online store and ending with the music site.

  • Responsive layout
  • Valid HTML5
  • Page Forms
  • HTML5 Music Player

10. Gebo Admin Responsive Template ($16)


Gebo Admin is full featured, two column responsive template based on Bootstrap Framework from Twitter. It has lots of .js plugins: charts, filterable/searchable list, calendar, multi-select, location finder, file manager, gallery grid, data tables, sticky messages, WYSIWYG editor and many more.

  • Responsive two column layout
  • HTML5 /CSS3
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework
  • Responsive file explorer

11. Dandelion Admin – Responsive Admin Template ($17)


Dandelion Admin is a responsive, full featured admin template. This template focuses on having a simple, clear design, while providing the most commonly used elements on web apps.

  • Full responsive design
  • Header drop down menu for user tasks
  • 18 Plugins included and styled
  • 2000+ icons included in several colors and sizes

12. SweetDashboard: Responsive Admin Template ($15)


SweetDashboard is a simple and elegant Admin UI theme. With responsive design technique, you can view the same page with in different views.

  • Built on powerful HTML5 features
  • Advanced CSS3 animations
  • WYSIWYG text editor
  • PSD files included for customization

13. Starlight Responsive Admin Template ($15)


Starlight Admin Template is a new admin template with many features, plugins and custom elements that you can use for your backend projects. This template is very useful for any type of application whether for desktop or mobile devices.

  • Responsive Layout
  • Liquid 2-3 columns layout
  • Integrated flow charts
  • Chat support

14. Eternity Admin Theme ($16)


Eternity Admin is the perfect way to design a website with hundreds of possible features and plugins required while designing/developing a website. It gives you different layouts and plugins to design a dashboard or a web form. Based on jQuery, the interface is light,responsive and ready to use.

  • Custom page layouts
  • Error pages

15. Developr – Fully Responsive Admin Skin ($18)


Building a web app for desktop and mobile devices? Developr is for you. Write your code once, and let it handle the magic of responsive web design. Developr Admin skin is a flexible responsive HTML5 /CSS3 template, built on the mobile-first principle and based on the solid foundations of HTML5 Boilerplate and 320andUp, which provides a rich set of styles and features for all your needs.

  • Automatic template setup: all your plugins fired automatically, everywhere
  • Responsive changes events and control methods
  • Innovative size change events
  • Most plugins use inline options for shorter and smarter code

16. Dulcet Admin – HTML5 & CSS3 Back-end Template ($18)


Dulcet is a multifunctional admin template with a friendly interface which come with a lot of options, detailed documentation, and ready to use elements. It is full based on HTML5 , jQuery, and PSD files to edit something. All changes can be done from code.

  • Fully based on HTML5 CSS3 and jQuery
  • Fluid 960 grid system
  • Rich text editor multifunctional – TinyMCE
  • Data tables – real time management

17. Pertho Admin Premium Template ($16)


Pertho Admin is a full featured, mobile friendly, responsive Admin Template (based on Foundation Framework) with lots of jQuery plugins: charts, tabs, scrollable content, sticky messages, filterable list, data tables, nested accordion and many more. Style switcher is included in this template for easy customization.

  • Responsive layout (fixed/fluid)
  • Lots of jQuery plugins
  • Pricing table
  • Extended form elements

18. Zice Admin Colorful Admin Templates ($16)


Zice Admin is a colorful admin theme that includes dashboard, form, full option gallery, graph presentation, file management, calendar, user interface, map & location, error page, 200+ icon, PSD file and documentation for admin management.

  • Webcam take picture
  • Google maps & location
  • Full featured form
  • Image editor

19. Dream Works Responsive Admin Template ($16)


Dream Works is a a full featured responsive Admin Panel with custom plugins, widgets, forms, charts, galleries and much more.

  • Responsive Layout
  • 14 jQuery plugins
  • Iconsweet – icon font
  • iPad friendly

20. Admantium – Premium Admin Panel ($15)


With Admantium you finally can stop worrying about the user interface and focus on what really matters – your system. In a simple and elegant way, through the power of HTML5 and CSS3, Admantium will provide you all necessary and essential resources you will need.

  • HTML5 (valid) and CSS3
  • 960 Grid System
  • 17 HTML pages
  • jQuery powered

21. Adminity – Premium Admin Interface ($17)


Adminity is an attractive, clean and modern administration interface. Its fluid and adaptive layout enables Adminity to be viewed on screens as narrow as 320px, and its intuitive user interface makes navigating through it a piece of cake.

  • Clean, beautiful and modern design
  • Fully integrated jQuery UI
  • Semantic and clean HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • Well documented

22. Quick Admin – Responsive Admin Template ($18)


QuickAdmin is a template for a CMS or site back-end. Implemented using XHTML Strict and CSS3 enhancement brings a clean and easy to use interface. It comes with a variety of components, sample code and great icons to help you define your back-end.

  • Responsive template
  • CSS3 enhanced interface
  • Based on jQuery Framework
  • Great documentation

23. Ziown Admin – A Complete, Clean Admin Template ($18)


ZiOwn is a powerful and clean admin panel template for web entrepreneurs, app developers and site owners as this can be used for the admin part of any web application, web-based software’s or custom CMS admin panels. It is very easy to use and extremely easy to integrate.

  • CSS sprites
  • 4 predefined color themes
  • 17 HTML pages
  • more than 22 jQuery Plugins

24. Canvas Admin – Premium responsive admin template ($18)


Canvas Admin is a premium, full featured, responsive admin template that helps you get your project started quickly and with ease. Included are 20+ sample pages showcasing the many layouts and widgets you have at your disposal such as: buttons, grid layout, google maps, tooltips, and much more.

  • Responsive layout
  • Custom form elements & layouts
  • Uniform plugin support
  • Google maps integration

25. Crown – Premium Responsive Admin Theme ($25)


Crown admin theme is a premium admin panel template with lots of integrated features, plugins and custom elements. It could be useful for any type of web application, custom administration panels, any backend system etc. With integrated charts and statistics stuff, Crown will be very useful for developers who build their own graphs and charts, the design is ready to go

  • Responsive layout
  • Integrated flow charts
  • Lots of form elements
  • 500+ icons

26. Pastel Dashboard — Admin Template + iPhone web app ($20)


Pastel is a unique, feature packed dashboard with an intuitive and stunning interface.

  • Fluid and responsive layout
  • HTML5 offline cache with update system
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • iPhone web app with native gestures

27. Infinity Admin – HTML5 & CSS3 Premium Full Featured App ($18)


Infinity is a modern premium full featured admin template for professionals and corporates.

  • fully responsive design
  • background chooser
  • 14 jQuery plugins
  • cross browser compatible

28. Mustache! – Admin ($16)


Mustache is a nice clean admin template that can be used for any self-made backend system.

  • 4 column option
  • jQuery powered.
  • A variety of plugins
  • Awesome styled form elements

29. MWS Admin – Full Featured Admin Template ($17)


MWS Admin is a responsive admin template and it aims to be full featured while keeping everything simple and straight forward.

  • Responsive layout
  • MWS Themer, a feature to customize this template’s look and feel to match your site
  • 2000+ Icons
  • 19 plugins integrated and styled

30. Color life – Premium Admin Template ($18)


Color life admin panel facilitate the work for yourself and colleagues, it’s easy to use and flexible in the setup. It thinks about you, and you think about your future.

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Sortable tables
  • Flow charts plugin
  • WYSIWYG editor

31. Spina – Premium Admin Template + Tablet Theme ($18)


Developer’s goal was to create a beautiful interface packed with just the right features. After months of effort and lots of real use, you’re proudly introduced to Spina.

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Advanced AJAX support
  • Built-in iPad compatibility
  • Widgets & plugins

32. Cupcake – Premium Admin Template + Mobile Theme ($15)


Cupcake is a user-friendly, flexible and customizable admin theme with widgets and UI elements.

  • Semantic and valid XHTML + CSS3 markup
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • 12 jQuery plugins
  • Form elements

33. Hello Admin Template – Desktops, Tablets, Mobiles ($20)


Hello Admin is your web site’s or application’s full featured responsive admin interface.

  • Fully responsive design
  • Tons of features, plugins, options and more
  • Easy to customize
  • 18 pages

34. xSystem – HTML5 and CSS3 Admin Template ($17)


xSystem is an administration panel clean and flexible suitable for any web application type. It combines the best HTML5 and CSS3 techniques to give the best user experience.

  • 2 skins fixed with horizontal menu and fluid with sidebar
  • jQuery UI integrated
  • Backend file explorer
  • Data tables – real time management

35. Mandy Lane Premium Admin Template ($17)


Mandy Lane is an easy, powerful backend interface, perfect for your projects or any software application.

  • Semantic and valid XHTML + CSS3 markup
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Modal window
  • Custom UI: DatePicker, Slider, Tabs, Accordion, etc

36. It’s Brain – premium admin theme ($21)


Its Brain – premium admin theme with lots of different features.

  • Responsive layout
  • Integrated flow charts
  • Form elements
  • Interface elements

37. vPad – HTML5+CSS3 App Framework ($16)


vPad is an easily customizable, feature packed HTML5 + CSS3 web application template.

  • HTML5 + CSS3 Compliant
  • Fluid layout – iPhone and iPad friendly
  • Live search
  • Fully documented

38. Adminium – Modern Admin Panel Interface ($18)


Adminium is a stylish, modern admin panel template, perfect for the back-end interface of your application. The layout is responsive and liquid, so it fits in desktop and mobile browsers.

  • Responsive layout with device orientation support
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Unobtrusive jQuery
  • Dynamic search bar with AJAX capabilities

39. Peach – Clean & Smooth Admin Template ($18)


Peach is a clean and smooth admin template for huge and small backend solutions. It includes custom plugins, forms, validations, charts, tables, notifications and much more.

  • Liquid and fixed layout
  • Highly customizable
  • Clean and smooth user experience
  • HTML5 and CSS3 progressive enhancements with minimal use of images

40. Lagu Admin Premium Template ($16)


Lagu Admin template is a full featured admin backend template enriched with many third-party components: WYSIWYG editor with integrated file explorer, calendar, dynamic and static charts etc.

  • Fluid and fixed width layout
  • Sortable data tables
  • Dynamic and static charts
  • 79 icons and 5 ajax loaders

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